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  • brotherdan

    I agree with Sweeny. I think when quotes like this come out it is members of the conscious class making their presence known. How do you think the talk about the generations and the new dvd leaked out before the conventions? There are people looking out for us while still in bethel. Thank God for them!

  • snowbird

    Underground Bethelites.

    Gifts in men.


  • undercover

    Is this the "public" edition, or the "Kool-Aid" edition?

    Remember when the Society had an article in the Awake about being open-minded but the same year (or so) they had articles in the WT counseling all the dubs to avoid "independant thinking"? These two articles basically contradicted each other, when compared. But they weren't meant to be compared. The Awake is aimed more at "worldly" people while the WT (especially study articles) are aimed directly at the followers.

    The WTS will occasionally say something that comes across as sensible or reasonable, but will counteract it with another article that usually gets studied at the meetings (and then quoted in future articles).

    But notice the title of the article... "Don't Let Doubts Destroy Your Faith". That's all anyone will really remember. Even if this is a Kool-Aid article, to be studied at the meetings. Everyone zones out, this parapraph gets glossed over but everyone remembers the main point of the article... "don't let doubt destroy your faith (in the WT corporation)".

  • poppers

    "Wow" is right! Simply amazing in light of what they do to people who have the audacity to question the WT, "God's sole representative on earth".

  • moshe

    This is just the legal department inserting a "truth in advertising" blub into the magazines. No JW can, come back later and say " I was never warned to test every expression from the WT!"- Oh, but you were- right here and in plenty of other places, too. The WT has all but told every JW everything they need to know in order to be able to discern that the WT is just a human inspired religious tabloid, full of sensationalism, end of the world false warnings and appeals for membership. When the 1914 box was removed from the inside front cover of the Awake magazine, this was the legal department telling all JW's that 1914 was dead, kaput, buried. But did the JW's accept that? No-ooo, they wanted their 1914 and cried for it like Israelites crying for meat in the wilderness. So their WT Jehoobah god answered their cries and gave them so much 1914 baloney,ie, new light of over lapping generations that it will satisfy their hunger for false prophecy for another generation. Let the JW's wander in the wilderness for another 30-40 years- it's what they have begged their leaders for. It's all so funny to watch them. Yes, they are a pathetic bunch of losers, but still the world laughs at the JWs. Why anyone would want to wear that loser JW badge by being an open-ended fader is beyond me.

  • elderelite


    I checked my pm's. Sorry I dont see one from you. Please send again and I will gladly answer.

    Why anyone would want to wear that loser JW badge by being an open-ended fader is beyond me.


    I have seen the error of my ways. I just called my wife, told her to pack her sh*&t and we are getting the hell out of the WT. as of December 31, 2099. Now we are not open-ended faders. I feel much better. We are gonna party like its 2099!

  • yesidid


    Dont take any notice of Moshe.

    He is a JW turned Jew and is the local judge and jury on what is acceptable behavour.


    How is your pharisee training going?

  • moshe

    I have my opinions, based on over 20 years of life post/JW. I have seen faders become doormats, all because they have no backbone and let the KH stomp all over them. There is a better way to live- stand up for yourself and live the life you were meant to live, free from the WT religion. I have a past friend/neighbor who isn't even a JW (his wife became a JW) and he let all his kids be raised as JW's and he has kept his mouth shut for over 50 years now and has let his JW family call the shots. He doesn't agree with the WT religion, but he is scared to voice his opinion, so he is a doormat and will die a doormat. He is worried about being seen talking to ex-JW's in public- scared his family will disown him- and he is 80 years old!

    yesidid- 7 years here on JWN and I think you are still an official JW- and you are giving me advice?

    eldelite, I love satire- 2099, that's a good one- except, the part about talking to your wife- that will get you removed as an elder- you can't let that happen. I don't know how you manage to do your job at the KH with all the time you spend here on JWN. Still going to the summer WT convention? Man, that will really be hard for you to stay to the last session. Take good notes, as elders will have to explain back at the KH just how this new 1914 generation crap is the real thing- real enough to die for.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

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    Elderelite - just think how great your life could be if only you would step up and be a man, instead of that doormat you are. Think of all the benefits that await you. You could be here for another 7 years coming online day in and day out - criticizing everybody that doesn't do things exactly the way you did. Think about how awesome such a life would be.

    So come on - quit being so respectful to your wife and family. Who cares how they feel?!! You now realize that you have been born into the only religion that lies to its believers. Everybody outside of the JW religion has total enlightment, and you know this now - it's a proven fact because it's in writing on the internet. It's now indisputable and if you can't man up and yank yourself out like a band aid, then you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

    Yeah, sure, your wife, family, and friends will probably hate you. There could be divorce and custody issues that arise - but a rash decision of this nature will be completely worth it. You're guaranteed freedom and countless years of a quality internet forum life. If any of your family or friends question you, just tell them that this is what the Bible says, "No one has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for my sake and for the sake of the good news who will not get a hundredfold [right away on the interweb]" (brackets mine).

    Bottom line is that if they can't see how awesome you are for giving the finger to their most treasured belief system - then it's their loss. Who cares if you have to crash on Moshe's couch for a few years - you da man and you showed them - that's all that matters.

    Ok - I'm turning my sarcasm software off now. In reality, elderelite, your level headed posts are some of the most refreshing to follow for lurkers. I do believe that some here might easily get bitter and cynical - but it seems that you've got that under control. I hope to follow your lead.

  • moshe
    In reality, elderelite, your level headed posts are some of the most refreshing to follow for lurkers. I do believe that some here might easily get bitter and cynical - but it seems that you've got that under control. I hope to follow your lead.

    This is not leading, this is crawling away, very, very slowly- facing backwards. Any JW elder who is posting on this forum, is doing so because he is unhappy with the WT religion. So what does a moral person do when they find out someone is lying to them? Go back for more?- no,, participate in the lies?-no,, Lie about the lies they have found out?, no!! Following the lead of cowards is not an honorable path. The Bible says you shall reap what you sow, so why does anyone think they can escape the WT cult religion without suffering any bad affects for being a JW? If a social worker told an alcoholic or drug addict they could walk way from their addictions and suffer no pain or grief, we would recognize this as a bald-faced lie. I have sympathy for someone who admits to being scared and lacking in strength. Unfortunately, for the ex-JW community, if an ex-JW wannabe chooses the path of a fader, it likely reinforces the JW psyche into believing that Jehoobah is god almighty and the apostates are just spinless lying immoral snakes. How many times do you read of a JWN member on this forum writing a bold resignation letter to the elders and to their friends? Once a week, once a month? Maybe once a month. Think about that. This means to me, that most ex-JWs probably leave as quiet faders. The JW's can assign any immoral reason for leaving they want to the former JW's who leave by the back door. The KH will most likely never know the real reason you quit going to the meetings.

    -example of an ex-JW and former elder's mea culpa, maybe lurkers don't care for this, but it is the real reality, the real truth-- for being an elder is not a badge of honor, but one of shame.

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