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  • yesidid
    How is your pharisee training going?

    I notice you didn't answer that question.

    But come to think of it you probably don't need any training. You are natural born.

    yesidid- 7 years here on JWN and I think you are still an official JW- and you are giving me advice?

    You're wrong again! Or is that still! I haven't been to a meeting in eight years. I just respect the right of others to make those decisions for themselves.

  • elderelite

    LOL wow I dont log on for a few days...

    I was worried , JIFB, until I got to the end. next time try

    Everyone take it easy on Mosche. I understand his point, just dont agree with his method. nothing anyone says on this forum is going to make or push me to do something I think is foolish. (Just In I appreceiate the kind words about following my lead but I think we are in the same place frankly.. we still need to catch up though... again..)

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