Has anyone here been a 'chairman' for an assembly? Question with regard to the script for introductions

by ThomasCovenant 31 Replies latest jw experiences

  • WTWizard

    Script or not, there seems to be the same few words that are allowed. They need to include the exact phrases every time, no matter what. Suppose instead of "timely spiritual food", they use "appropriate spiritual food". Or, "What a wonderful and upbuilding experience" instead of "What a fine and upbuilding experience". The meanings are the same, but you lose the repetitiveness. Once that happens, people are not going to as sharply associate the cult with the same words. Then, people are going to step back at the percepts, and concepts, that make up the cult. Without the identical words, people are going to rely more on the concepts. And, if these are in turn integrated into the whole picture, people are not going to like it--and they are going to be joining boards like this.

  • dozy

    Completely scripted & has to be followed to by the letter. I remember at the end of a morning circuit assembly session adding the words "enjoy your lunch" as a final comment and was chewed up by the CO later for not following the script from the FADS to the letter. As others have said , it does make the whole process very unnatural and dull.

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