Weird Prayer at Last Year's DC - GB Worship

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  • brotherdan

    I'm actually surprised that this doesn't happen more often. Especially after recent comments in the WT. I've posted this before, but the 9/15/2010 Study articles go overboard in glorifying the GB. Here is 1 of the quotes:

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    "In this time of the end, Christ has committed "all his belongings" - all the earthly interests of the Kingdom - to his "faithful and discreet slave" and its representative Governing Body, a group of anointed Christian men. (Matt 24:45-47) The anointed and their other sheep companions recognize that by following the lead of the modern-day Governing Body, they are in fact following their Leader, Christ."

  • notverylikely

    The former DO/special pioneer/elder in my hall says like, 20 seonds prayers. "Jehovah, we aproach to thank you for the spirtual food, the blessing you provide and to ask forgiveness when we sin and fall short. In Jesus name, Amen."

    They're like my favorite kind of sex, you go in, get your bidness done with a quickness, get out and go home.

  • notverylikely

    The best prayer advice I ever heard came from our current CO. Don't make your prayer so long that people start praying for it to end.

  • nelly136

    as they all follow strict guidelines on what they have to say in the talks i spose the only way for them to show any 'creativity or personality' was during the prayers...unfortunately the only the memorable about them was the bore factor.

    after sitting so long on those nasty benches, concrete cushions and floors, having to stand in one position with your pins needles and cramps while your circulation came back, was not the best time to be impressed with who could say the longest prayer of the convention.

    **The best prayer advice I ever heard came from our current CO. Don't make your prayer so long that people start praying for it to end.**

    and the most common prayer was probably said before each assembly prayer started. "PLEASE GOD!! MAKE IT A SHORT ONE THIS TIME!!!"

  • jookbeard

    I was there for that damn prayer luckily I was walking around

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