Weird Prayer at Last Year's DC - GB Worship

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  • Titus

    "Slave" means 144000.

    Those who you mentioned are GB members.

    I don't believe you. Jehovah's Witnesses don't pray such prayers. And prayers are no longer than 5 minutes.

    This is fake thread.

  • LostGeneration
    And prayers are no longer than 5 minutes

    What JW world do you live in?

    "Slave" means 144000

    Tell me one anointed member outside of the GB that has ever been consulted on WT doctrine? For all intents and purposes faithful slave=GB

    They wont say it publicly because they don't have a scriptural leg to stand on. But their actions prove it, so that is all that matters.

  • Titus

    You are not even funny!

  • SirNose586

    That guy's righteousness is known before men. Surely he is better than the rank and file.

  • RosePetal

    titus I have been to countless assemblies over forty odd years since a child and have had to endure prayers that went on for five, ten, and fifteen minutes. Also had to endure them at the kingdom hall through the years there was always a brother that would go on and on with a prayer that seemed to never end. My father was one of them mealtimes were torture. He loved the sound of his own voice.

    Love your post white Dove. RosePetal

  • booby

    Titus - you are hard to figure out. Sometimes you act like a self righteous true active witness and other times more like an opposer of the truth.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Titus - you are hard to figure out. Sometimes you act like a self righteous true active witness and other times more like an opposer of the truth.

    I've thought the same thing. Truly enigmatic. If Titus never ever heard a JW prayer go beyond 5 minutes it's because he fell asleep after 5 minutes of the droning on.

    Think About It

  • thetrueone

    It is highly unusual to name out the GB members, to make thankful mention of the FDS, the channel that god uses here on earth

    is common though. Perhaps this guy is ass kissing up to the hierarchy to get placed higher up himself.

    Brown nosing upward to get placed in a higher position in the organization is a reality that can not be dismissed.

  • Titus
    Titus - you are hard to figure out. Sometimes you act like a self righteous true active witness and other times more like an opposer of the truth.

    I am honest person. When something inside the Organization makes me angry, then I am angry and I don't support it.

    But, when I know that something about JWs is lie, then I defend the truth about us. I don't defend Organization or GB, but the truth about them. They are full-grown men, they can defend themselves, if they want.

    That's why you have that impression about me, maybe.

    And, regarding the prayer, I don't know..... I have really never heard that long prayer, or prayer for Melita&Ted Jaracz, Marina&Dan Sydlik, Linda&David Splane..... Never, and I don't believe that.

  • brizzzy

    Ehrm, I'm pretty sure the OP's point was that the prayer was unusual and nauseating even by JW standards. That's why the word "weird" is in the title of his post.

    As far as the 10-minute-plus prayer at conventions, I'm well acquainted with that. And they always seem to save the most boring drone for the very end. You're tired and hungry and just want to escape and go grab dinner and go home, and all that's standing in your way is some moron who thinks that "prayer = another unofficial symposium".

    They're always faking you out, too.

    "...And now, O Jehovah, as we go our separate ways, to our separate homes..."

    *pause for dramatic effect and you're thinking, Yes! Yes, finally, he's winding down and wrapping it up!!!!*

    And then out of nowhere comes the second (or third) wind and he sallies forth with renewed energy into an ecstatic crescendo, almost like he expects applause at the end or something:

    "...we ask you, Jehovah our God. Merciful Jehovah our Sovereign Lord. Jehovah. Just in case you weren't sure that I was talking about you, Jehovah. You know, the first 50 times I said your name (which is Jehovah). We ask you, Jehovah, to protect us from Satan, the Slanderer, the Evil One, who would lead us all into destruction..."

    And then you realize that he's gone off on the Satan bender and you'll be there for quite a while longer before he gets to "in the name of your son, Jesus Christ..." and you can finally breathe the sigh of relief and hoist your bookbag and coil your muscles to bolt right as he says "Amen".

    Come on, tell me that's not the way it goes. Do I win a cookie?

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