Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 07-11-10 WT Study (WOMEN SUBMIT)

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  • elderelite
    Good point indeed, elderelite. It would seem the "headship arrangement" is the product of imperfection. Woman went from completing man to being dominated by him. I don't hear many JW men complaining about this arrangement...

    The first rule of power is that all those who have it, are afraid to lose it.

    @WTwizard, I agree with your thoughts on headship and its expression as well. I always envision perfect headship as being more of a looking out for the well being off those you are taking "headship" over, not a deciding everything and expecting all to go along with it. Headship doesn't, IMHO, require making every decision or even most decisions. thats not desirable on any level. It stifles the talents and gifts that others have. Who benefits from that?

  • Hadit

    *** w60 11/1 p. 652 par. 11 Marriage in Paradise ***

    For this reason the paradise of Eden was the place of the perfect marriage, between the perfect man created in God’s image and likeness and the perfect woman who could faithfully reflect man’s perfect glory, to God’s praise.

    That is INFURIATING!! They twist the scriptures so badly. The bible plainly states that BOTH were created in God's image. What do they point out? That the woman was perfect SO she could faithfully reflect man's perfect glory!!!! What a sick bunch of misogynistic, chauvanists. I guess that is why women HAVE to put up with abuse and rape because they HAVE to reflect man's perfect glory.

    Good point about no headship being mentioned by God when they were first created. As for the man dominating woman - it was not by God's allowance - it was that God knew that man would do that to women. He was right - they do everything they can to suppress and dominate women. It does NOT mean that women have to allow anything of the sort! They are NOT second class in any way.

    The society can thank themselves for many divorces among witnesses. The way they do things ensures unhealthy marriages.

    Thanks, Blondie, for all the work you do! I enjoy reading your comments

  • EmptyInside

    Thanks for everyone's comments. I have nothing to add. But, the song leading into the Watchtower was plain awful.

    I wasn't the only one who couldn't keep a straight face. No melody, the words do not work with the music. A pre-schooler could have made up a better song.

    Song 86 "Faithful Women, Christian Sisters"

    Here is a part of one verse, "Willingly, laboring, glad to do your part. Modest, your bearing, submissive is your heart. " Just imagine lyrics like this sung to slow,music with no melody.

  • booby

    on paragraph 4 ***w08 4/15 p. 17 par. 3 Marriage and Parenthood in This Time of the End***
    Since marriage is a sacred arrangement, divorce is not to be taken lightly. In fact, God's Word states that Jehovah hates a divorce that has no Scriptural basis.-ReadMalachi2:13-16;3:6.

    Yikes! more adding to the scriptures in that little tidbit. "a divorce that has no scriptural basis" can't squeeze that outta Malichi. What are jah's emotions on ones that have a scriptural basis. Just doesn't like them much, hates them but not as much, surely not likes them.

    I must admit as a man, some ladies have an uncanny ability to handle this headship thingy with real dignity and aplomb. Especially in the case where the woman is clearly more able in the ability to use the brain and intellect, I have known some who were able to excercise that ability while letting the husband keep his dignity. It is an ability which I believe is worthy of praise and can be more helpful in the marital arrangement then anything in this article.

  • XPeterX

    Single women,widows and divorced ones submit to Christ not to the elders.

  • jam

    Years ago A elderly gentleman (75) who work as a janitor on my job, would visit me each nite at my

    work station (a prototype machinist). He would go on how I and other young men today are not real

    men. We are all hen peck(whatever that means).At the time I was out of the borg. but still married to my

    JW wife..So I stiill beleive some of the BS..He would ask me , how much money do you have in your pocket?

    Why I ask. I bet you your wife gave you your allowance for the week true, yes that is true.. It did not

    matter that she manage the money well. I was terrible at manageing money..So I decided to handle the

    money, this led to our divorce...Some have stated, that is not practical today (headship).Like my friend at work

    he came from A generation where women did not work, the husband work the wife stayed home, the same

    in the Bible..I have seen this at the meetings, Brother and sister perfect seems to be the perfect couple, but

    at home it,s A different story. The women are head of the house in many cases. Some women did not go for that

    submissive BS..And this led to many divorces..


  • palmtree67

    In my first marriage, things were done the Headship/Submission way. He would make a show of asking me what I thought or my opinion, but then would proceed to tell me why his way was better. After a while, I just thought, "Why are you asking me, then, if you're just gonna do whatever you want anyways??"

    There were alot of things in everyday life that didn't go well, or that didn't go smoothly because of this. The only part that went well and smoothly - was that I just shut up about it and tried my best.

    In my marriage now, it is more like a partnership. He looks after the things he is better at doing, and I look after the things I am better at. But we help each other in everything. Things aren't always perfect, but they are very good.

    And I prefer being treated like a human being with a brain in my head.

  • blondie

    Peter, you know that and I know that but tell the elders that.

    Single women,widows and divorced ones submit to Christ not to the elders.

    When I was single I always had the elders telling me what to do and saying they were my head since I had no husband. I would tell them I had no head but Jesus...they never liked that.

  • blondie


    I knew that many husbands did that.

    After a while, I just thought, "Why are you asking me, then, if you're just gonna do whatever you want anyways??"

    That's why I vowed to never get married. I made it to my late 30's and met my husband (non-jw). We have been married over 20 years now and he does not boss me around and I don't boss him around, We keep it a partnership. I'm so glad you found someone like that too.

  • blondie

    stillin, what the WTS wants people to recognize is that cannot have a personal relationship with Jesus or God without going through the anointed.

    I think of all the people who had a relationship with God who were not Israelites.

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