My daughter asked me this today.

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  • exwhyzee

    BrotherDan...Why would God create humans on earth only to have them die either by old age, sickness or some random accident just so he could raise them up to live a wonderful life in heaven? What was the whole Adam and Eve thing about then ? Why not skip the whole misery on earth part and place humans in heaven from the start. It seems kind of sick to create them on earth knowing that they are going to die and that it will probably hurt pretty badly when they do. What do you base this notion of yours on?

  • wantstoleave

    Thenoblelodge....was that the twins attacked by the fox? What I didn't understand about that whole thing (as terrible as it was), was why the parents left the back door open. I realise they said it was a warm night, but still...bit risky given they knew that foxes were in high numbers. Still very sad, but at least the girls are ok

    Unfortunately bad things happen. None of us knows if we'll be alive tomorrow or the next day. We could get hit by a bus or car today, or have a heart attack tomorrow. We just don't know.

    As for a God *sigh* I just don't know anymore . I'd like to think so but truth is, we just don't know and that's what blind faith is all about.

  • garyneal


    Don't let the skeptics get you down, it is understandable why anyone would choose not to have faith in anything seeing that there are indeed many many religions all proclaiming the same thing. It's actually refreshing to see someone here with the kind of faith you have in the Bible as the people who use to post regularly with your kind of faith have either all left or are lurking. And who could blame them for it seems that the atheists and the agnostics are amongst the loudest people on this board.

    I don't hold it against people who dismiss God as a myth as honestly we cannot truly know but I do take issue with people who invalidate others because of their faith. Truth be told, when I first came on board this message board, I had just as much fire in my bones for the Bible as you do. However, this place will take your faith to dark corners if you let it because a lot of the genuine thinkers here will really get one to thinking about what truth really is. And no, when I refer to the genuine skeptics and thinkers, I am not referring to those who simply bash and belittle those who profess their faith.

    To answer the question posed, I cannot. Why does bad things happen to good people, I don't know. If one believes in karma, then a good person doing good things should not have bad things happen in return, right? Unless of course, someone does bad to the good person. Irregardless, I think that everything happens for a reason and a purpose. To quote the Bible, all things happen for the good of those who love the Lord. Of course, Jesus said that God also makes the sun rise on the wicked as well as the righteous. In a more general sense, I've heard it phrased that people who are successful in their lives believe that all things happen for a reason and a purpose and that it serves them. Belief is the thing that drives people to do the things that they do for if they do not have faith, then there is no reason for them to take any actions. Kind of like the verse Jehovah's Witnesses like to use on me, "Faith without works is dead." It's true, but I do not think it was meant to be interpreted as Jehovah's Witnesses like to interpret it.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I was always taught that if I had the means, ability and desire to do help somebody and I did not, THAT WAS A 'SIN'.

    The bible teaches god has the means, ability and desire but does not help. That means god is sinning.

    Dont give me any of that bull shit about it not being his appointed time either...6000 years of human misery was not needed to bring about a fix.

    Thats like me watching someones life become a slow motion trainwreck and waiting till they are ready to kill themselves before stepping in. Oh what a jolly good person am i! NOT


  • OnTheWayOut

    I go with what Superpunk, Mad Sweeney, OMG first said on this.

    I like Aussie Oz's comment of late also.

  • thraxer68

    I like brotherdan's comments. I also have thought about this stuff and I really dont think its an irreconcilable problem. The problem of evil definitely poses a challenge to the Christain faith period. I would suggest looking up William Craig and Ravi Zacharias. They have some really good stuff on this including alot of other helps for ones faith and hopefully your daughters. They address alot of what people on this board are saying, hope it helps....

  • designs

    Does God need 7 Billion people cheering !yea God! to make God feel like God

  • Pistoff

    You insult our intelligence, and testify to yours as well, brotherdan.

    Let's ask a handicapped person if they feel god is with them in a special way.

    Don't bear witness here that God is with them more; if he cared SO MUCH, then why not make sure they were OK while they were in the womb?

    Your answer makes sense only to someone who tries to fit reality to a previous worldview, and that worldview meeting up with reality: god exists, he is good, but really horrible things happen every single day to people who did nothing deserve it.

    It is hard to accept, but easier to realize the world is just that random than thinking god has some plan in children being born without limbs.

    Wake up.

  • gotout

    Mad Sweeney, You are not alone. I too believe in a Creator. But, I do not trust man made religions. I, through alot of meditation, prayer have been shown these two basic truths about God. He is love. And he wants you to love others as he does. Love means you will not perpatrate any harm against other living creatures and be free to help others. Boy, let me tell you my brother; it is not easy. But, I try my best.

  • garyneal

    It's funny how I see so many witnesses turned atheists/agnostics who praise Raymond Franz who left the WT but stuck with the Bible while simultaneously bashing people on this board who are doing the same thing.

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