My daughter asked me this today.

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  • tec

    The JWs are sliding further and further into blasphemy however, their mind control takes away that free will from their members and instills programmed automated responses = automatons.

    That was quite a thought provoking statement. Interesting. Perhaps an example of what thoughtlessly following rules brings - instead of making the truths behind those rules INDIVIDUALLY real.


  • Soldier77

    brotherdan, not too "holy roller" for me. I think you make valid points and I agree on some of it. Some I don't but I won't hold that against you.

    I'm thinking of it from a human perspective because... that's the only way I know how to think of it as. We can speculate all day on how we think god thinks, but at the end of it, we don't know. Yes, we can look towards Jesus example and words as representing god, but he isn't god himself is he? Or is he?

    lol! Sorry, I'm not debating for argument sake, I'm just kinda thinking out loud at this point, I'm enjoying this thread and participating because it is a subject I am rolling around in my head as of late.

  • Soldier77

    Tammy, I should correct myself, I meant the GB not the JWs. I guess they're one and the same when it comes down to it.

  • cyberjesus

    I am very disappointed at you too here, pretty much here like Brother Dan, shame on you.. I mean com'mon dont you realize that AllMigthy God is busy here with Jesus, the angels the apostles and the other 134,000 workers in heaven? Evidently the new order is comming very very very very soon so they are preparing everything for paradise and for the remaining ones on earth. I mean is not gonna be easy.

    Who are you to tell God what to do and to whom. Cant you read the bible? is all there... yeah numbers 31 is a little bit violent but hey dont you like a little bit of violence in the movies? I mean even me I liked Rocky IV and he gets the sh!t beat out of him.

    Besides the 2 girls in one body? havent you heard that 2 head think better than one? Also in the new world order he is gonna give one of them a NEW BODY!!! yay. so she is like test driving the other one and getting more experience so when she receives hers shes gonna alredeady know many features. besides that prevents masturbation otherwise it will be called incest!

    And what about the people who die? I mean what kind of twisted reasoning you have thinking that God is evil? there are millions and millions of people who die, i mean that happens to many, is not like is a rare occurence death is common but dont worry cuz God has super computer with this huge memory, pretty much like the internet but in heaven. so he can make copies of all the people like burning cds. I mean its so easy.... havent you download an mp3 song? never? i mean you dont think is the singer singing in front of you , do you? is a copy of the real thing. but its his voice yah! Well God is way more powerful than that.

    I mean God really cares, BrotherDan had it right. Just keep reading the bible skip the ugly parts and focus on the good ones. i mean similar to what the WT does with the Magazines, except they are mean. Damn you WT. yuk yuk WT. Take that Atheists X-JWs you are delusional!

    Now lets pray because its getting so hot here and I cant afford paying for the AC

  • tec

    I think I understood who you were talking about, Soldier. I don't know if they're one and the same - unless the GB is as much a victim of their teachings (as in they really believe them, themselves) as the average JW is.

    BrotherDan - not to holy roller for me, either.


  • cyberjesus

    Oh I forgot about Jesus. Well Lord Jesus has been busy since 1914 (I was told) hes watching us right now. (a shout out to Jesus here!) So he is pretty much like a security guard watching the monitors and watching everything that is happening here on earth, but he is taking notes in his SuPer Memory! Is like a super cool iphone but in his head. So he know what you are doing and he is taking notes. He cant just come down and fix it.. nah! that would be too easy and not dramatic enuf. Besides his license for a human body already expired and he has to wait until the GB gets the new light and finnaly gets the date right. then once its printed in the Watchtower he will fix everything here.

    I mean he was almost ready in 1914 then 1918, 1919, 1925, 1975 i mean you get my point, he is in stand by- just waiting but guess what! now that Ted Jaracz is in heaven along with Freddy Franz well now he has more access to information, they will tell him.

    Dont worry he will fix everything soon. very very soon. he has waited over 2000 years to do that. I mean why wait another 1000 years? doesnt make sense.

    Ok lets read the bible more and have more faith so we can pray more. no wait lets pray that we can have more faith and the we can read the bible more.... ah lets just pray.

  • techdotcom

    Brotherdan, you have used critical thinking and logical reasoning to abandon the WTS teachings. However, no one should claim that the WTS holds the monopoly on being irrational. Examine the bible and religion in general with the same eye as you did the society. If faith and trust in a particular organization could lead you astray, how can you be sure that your trust and faith in the Bible is not also misplaced.

    Use the same tools that you used to examine the WTS and it's teachings. Examine your faith in the Bible and in God. While it could leave you with more questions than answers, you may find that as freeing as your putting aside the teachings of the WTS.

    If you choose to "believe" and to have "faith" do it honestly and with the knowledge that you could be completly wrong.

  • superpunk

    CAN God protect us? Yes. Does he always? No.

    Pretty pathetic God then, if you ask me.

  • thenoblelodge

    Thanks everyone for your input.

    Much to consider.

  • garyneal


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