example of dumbing down and outright attempts to control thought in new song book

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  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I think you're absolutely right, OTWO.

  • BluesBrother

    The first time they played the song "Preach The Word"at my wife's K Hall someone piped up loudly for all to hear "That's the theme from Jurassic Park !"...Everybody laughed and agreed and they all called it "The Jurassic Park Song".....Plagiarism is indeed alive and well in Brooklyn N Y.

    A song couplet about the Governing Body? I guess it could rhyme with SHODDY.

    As for changing the words of the Kingdom Songs to fit the changing ideologies....It reminds me of Orwell's "Animal Farm", when the Seven Commandments had been written up. Every so often the animals discovered that they "must have rememembered it wrong" because it actually now said something different...Funny that, wasn't it?

  • joeblow

    Well, I figured you guys were exaggerating a little on the similarities so I had to go find out for myself.

    I downloaded song 92 (Preach the word)... then went and found the Jurassic Park theme played on piano, and you're not kidding!! It's not a little bit like the Jurassic Park theme, it IS the Jurassic Park theme (to my musically untrained ears).



  • designs

    In Catholicism they have a hymn 'To All Of The Saints', it always amazes me after stepping back to see what the GB is really all about that they are so much like the Vatican that they hate so much. Maybe its just envy.

  • elderelite
    Elderlite, I am more and more thoroughly convinced that WTS is switching to a smaller, more loyal membership base, shaking out the independent thinkers. They hope to hold onto several million long enough to squeeze money out of them, but they see the future and are prepared to be more direct in their control and lose even half or more of the "7 million" as long as the remainder bow to them.


    Scary but seems to be the case. I also wonder if there isn't an element of "1984" here as well where Orwell portrayed the grasp of power as being one that was gradual. It was brought to bear more and more over time so that even the most independent was eventually crushed, but not outright. The scariest thought in that book for me, as it relates to the WTS, is that the motivation was not money or something tangible. It was described as having the power over thoughts and emotions,over the very will and spirit of a person. all of this subtle manipulation seems designed on some level to crush the spirit of as many as possible. In "1984" those that ultimately would not succumb were indoctrinated at the highest levels by the "ministry of Love", or more to the point, tortured . Then after months of indoctrinated, when the person had finally succumbed, they killed them to prevent them from ever having an indepent thought every again, and as a warning to others. How much of a stretch is it to make the comparison when the WT calls DF"ing "a loving provision to protect the congregation"? I wonder if they really think they will keep most and make them more loyal thru all of this and lose far fewer than we may otherwise expect.... Reading 1984 is a case study in JW tactics

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I wonder if John Williams' agent knows about the similarities...

    John Williams c/o The Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency
    13245 Riverside Drive ~ #450
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

  • OnTheWayOut
    I wonder if they really think they will keep most and make them more loyal thru all of this and lose far fewer than we may otherwise expect.... Reading 1984 is a case study in JW tactics

    They were losing elders to pornography and they changed the rules to accomodate them.

    They were losing pioneers as times got tougher and they just kept getting reduced hours so they could stay under WT's thumbs.

    Their yoke was heavy on elders and they have lightened the load on them. Now they just go through the motions at meetings and present the WT-provided material. They wanted to keep elders as they felt important and would serve them well.

    Bethelites got the short end of the stick due to economics. They really did nothing to retain them after kicking them to the curb. They hoped many would stay because they were the family "heros." Some have.

    They baptize younger and younger to capture kids into being afraid to leave, still they gotta know the hard statistics on losing kids to "the world."

    I think they know their recruiting efforts are nearly dead, just spinning their wheels to keep the members busy (as cults do). The control is like you say in "1984," a desire for control for the sake of control. The GB still enjoys people "bowing" to them as if they were demi-gods. I think they know their organization is going to shrink and they looked at the past when this happened and are preparing similarly.

    But someone will not be satisfied with "bowing" as this happens. Someone will realize they are in the inner sanctum and made no money out of the deal. They will see the executive lawyers and accountants sitting pretty in Belize or Timbuktu with their manipulated funds. They will decide that if Ray could do it, they could do it better. That's when the cracks in the foundation will cause the tower to tumble.

    (I have these kinds of thoughts all the time. They are, of course, wishful thinking. But I do think there is some high probability in many of them.)

  • Mickey mouse
  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    It was song 92 which when we heard for the first time, we looked at each other and said "Jurassic Park!"

    Glad we're not the only ones who noticed.

  • designs

    That's pretty funny about Jurassic Park.

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