example of dumbing down and outright attempts to control thought in new song book

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  • elderelite

    a lovley example from this weeks meeting:

    old song book,




    2. Stay awake and keep your senses,

    Always ready to obey.

    In his place each one be heeding

    What Christ Jesus has to say.

    From his fine example, we discern

    How Jehovah’s favor all can earn.

    So, as one, we serve as an army,

    Ever loyal to God’s way

    New song book says:


    2. Stay awake, and keep your senses,

    Always ready to obey.

    Stay alert to Christ’s direction

    Through his faithful slave today.

    Heed the counsel of the older men,

    Who protect his sheep and truth defend

  • darthfader

    You have got to be kidding me! That is a blatant and "in your face" change --- I really hope some of the rank and file see that! WOW!


  • miseryloveselders

    I can't remember if it was song 43 or not. I had all intentions of doing a thread about it after the meeting that played this song last. It had to have been this song though, cuz I remember saying to myself, "Geez, we're singing about the faithful and discreet slave now?!?!" Its comical if you can maintain a sense of humor, but so many people lives are entrapped and ruined by this not so discreet slave class.

    I was thinking, you know how this organization promotes and rewards brown-nosing behavior? I'm guessing the song writers when penning the lyrics, or revising the lyrics thought adding this little gem would get them some spiritual kudos. This song probably got Jaracz to smile genuinely.

  • JediMaster

    This used to be one of my favorites at conventions. Now, it's really ehh......

    Through his faithful slave today.

    Meaning the Governing Body.

    Heed the counsel of the older men, Who protect his sheep and truth defend

    I think a lot of us here can testify to the innacuracy of this statement. The elders neither protect the sheep or defend the "truth", be it from the Bible, or from many other issues.

    Jedi Master

  • Soldier77

    Well, there is a YouTube video on Mind Control tactics and singing is part of the control aspect. Interesting stuff, and JWs will fight tooth and nail defending themselves as NOT being a CULT. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • brotherdan

    I was at the meeting last night when this was sung. I could not bring myself to sing it. So I arranged a confused look on my face and looked around as if I was looking for someone until the verse was over. Pretty soon we are going to have a "governing body" song. I guarantee it.

  • brotherdan

    I have an idea. Lets write a song in the style of the Watchtower music the is an ode to molestation victims. Anyone want to contribute?

  • straightshooter

    Of course the average jw would never notice this in the song book. I would imagine that most do not know the words to those songs as they sing them.

  • Soldier77

    the new song book when sung, sounds like dying cats, and we all know that cats are of the deville according to WTS publications artists.

  • serenitynow!

    I remember when they first announced the new songbook at the DC, when they played the sample singing I thought it was awful. Now hearing the reworked lyrics where for no good reason they took songs about following jesus and put themselves (GB) in, it is truly disgusting. I never got a new songbook, but I think that I may ask my mom to get me one and I am going to compare the songs from the brown book to the updated ones in the new book- highlighting the times that the WT has changed the focus of the songs from jesus to the GB. I am going to innocently question my family members as to why the WT would feel the need to change the focus of the songs from jesus to the GB.

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