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  • linp24

    Folks, do you own a Tempur pedic mattress? If you do, are you satisfied with it? Or not.

    How bout a Sleep Number bed?

    Any suggestions on mattresses?


    I sold mattresses, retail, for about 6 years. There really is NO better mattress than the Tempur pedic. Hands down. We have two. If you can afford one, get it, you'll probably never replace it.

    I HATE Sleep Number, don't think air mattresses are good for you. Google "Sleep Number and Mold".

  • linp24

    Thanks Awake.

  • lisaBObeesa

    MOST people love the tempurpedic... BUT!!!

    IF you have back problems like mine, the tempurpedic could be the worst mattress ever.

    I got one of these because so many people with back problems love their tempurpedics. What I learned is that not all back problems are the same! I don't know what exactly is wrong with my back, but whatever it is HATES the tempurpedic. The first night I slept on it, I woke in extreme pain. The second night I tried to sleep on it I only lasted half the night before I had to go sleep on the couch because the pain was so bad. Then the whole next day I was in pain. The third night the same. The fourth night I only stayed in the bed a few minutes before I moved to the couch, ...and told my poor husband the mattress had to go. (He loved the mattress...)

    I know a few of people who have the mattress and they all love it. I'm the only one who had any trouble. But I had really bad trouble.

    Just something to know.

  • truman

    I changed from sleeping on a waterbed (for over 20 years) to a Tempurpedic, and I am very happy with the new mattress. I have been sleeping on the Tempurpedic for about a year, and I would not go back. I, too, have back problems. The Tempurpedic has not cured me, but I do find it better for my back than any other mattress I have slept on, waterbed or innerspring. The most notable aspect of sleeping on a Tempurpedic is that you do not get pressure points where you have to turn over because of discomfort from laying on an arm too long or whatever.

  • linp24

    Thanks lisa.

    definitely something to consider.

  • tenyearsafter

    I have the Tempurpedic and it has been quite good so far...only complaint I have is that it sleeps a bit hotter than traditional mattress. Other than that, it is very comfortable.

  • Dagney

    Are there different degrees of firmness of the Tempurpedic? If so which do you recommend?

    I'm interested in them as well. What about copycats...like the ones from Costco, anybody try their brand?

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I agree with the above comments. Sleep Number bed is a glorified air mattress. Because air in expands and contracts with temperature the pump can be going on and off all night. At least that is what someone who owned one told me and I've also heard of the mold problem. The Tempur pedics come in a different firmesses. I personally like the softer ones. They are expensive but I think they are worth the price. A good alternative might be a Memoryworks mattress. You can see them at macys.com. They are made by Sealy and are about half the price of a Tempur pedic. You also might try the Simmon New Generation mattress. The are a combination of innerspring and memory foam or latex.

    Back problems are individual so no one can tell you what will or won't help it. You're the only one who can judge what feel best. Sometimes it will be a soft mattress sometimes it can be a firmer one. The main think is to get a good one and take your time trying them.

  • Hope4Others

    I have a tempur pedic and I love it....

    I have friends with the sleep number and they say its the best thing they ever bought....

    hmmmmm think its a toss up....

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