Tempur - pedic mattresses

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  • babygirl30

    I adore my Tempur-pedic mattress!!! ONLY complaint I would have is it holds your BODY HEAT like a mutha!! I have put 2 covers on it, and it's STILL 'hot'. From what was explained to me, the foam has oils in it and those oils are what stay warm and hold heat....

    But all-in-all, I love the thing.

  • linp24

    Thanks everyone for your input ---- very helpful!

  • Dagney

    Hope & babygirl,

    What firmness do you have for you mattresses. (Don't think I like the hot part.)

  • Ilovebirthdays

    I hated the Tempurpedic. It felt like I was laying on a mixture of sand and pudding. The guy at the store said that people either love them or hate them, there really is no in-between. We put out the money for a really nice, fairly firm pillow top mattress about 5 years ago, and it still is great. My husband has had several back surgeries, and he's done much better since we got this mattress.

    Whatever you decide, make sure to get yourself a really nice pair of sheets with a high thread count if you don't have one already. We bought our first set of nice sheets when we got the mattress, and I think I spent about a month going to bed at 8, just because it was so amazingly comfortable.

  • linp24

    Hi Ilovebirthdays.

    Do you remember the product name of the mattress that you bought 5 years ago and liked so much.?


  • exwhyzee

    The Tempur-pedic mattress felt like heaven when I first climbed into it. But in the morning both my wife and I felt like you do the day after doing heavy exercise. Neither of us has any back problems, but we both woke up sore and achey all over. This continued for a week until we returned it . I didn't like the way you sort of ended up in a trough. To roll over you have to rock yourself out of the hole your body made in the memory foam and when you turn over during the night the hole stays there for a while and you have to wait for it to fill back up and take on the shape of the new position you are in. Also it seemed like it was very hot. The warmer you got, the more you sunk into the bed.

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