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  • Hadit

    Excellent points everyone!

    The Watchtower does a wonderful job in taking scriptures out of context and then stringing them together to make it fit their preconceived ideas and there agenda. They are very elitist when they try to elevate on group above another. One group gets immortal life in heaven while the other has to slave away over and over the PROVE and work for their salvation only to MAYBE get life on earth. What did Jesus die for then?

    The "other sheep" is not some class that is different in DESTINATION - they are the gentiles who by means of the New Covenant and Jesus' shed blood can now become part of the Kingdom. They are other sheep because they were NOT part of God's original chosen nation. These TWO groups will become ONE flock under ONE shepard. They have the same DESTINATION. It's all revealed in the scriptures when it discusses the sacred secret. It's all there in plain writing. Although to see it you must remove your tainted Watchtower glasses.

  • PSacramento

    The WT decide to interpret the bible according to their OWN beliefs, then they created their OWN bible to "justify" those beliefs.

    Their man-mad doctrines are not onlu inccorect, but some fo them or life threathning as in the case of the no-blood crap and ruin peoples lives and familes as in case of thedisfellowship crap.

  • TD
    I wasn't specifying Jews today, who are a people cut off, a sliced off bough replaced by Early Christians. I'm talking about Jews using Bible chronology to be in expectation of the messiah when Jesus was on earth.

    "Nation of Israel", "Jew" and "Judaism" are really not interchangeable terms, especially when you're speaking in front of a group that includes Jews.

    The majority of early Christians were Jews and the boundary between Christianity and Judaism was extremely permeable. (John 19:38,39; Acts 15:5, 21:20) The animosity between the two groups did not develop until well into the period that JW's consider to be the "Apostasy."

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