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  • sherah
    At this time I truly believe Jehovah's witnesses are God's people, I personally tested them against the rest of the Christian religions and their teachings and found Jehovah's witnesses to be the most Biblically true religion by about a mile and a half. but it is for each person to decide for themselves.

    I agree, this is your personal belief. The bible doesn't speak of Jehovah's Witnesses as being "God's People." You are the victim the indoctrination process of the WTBS.

  • thenoblelodge

    Hi Wiser, I answered a knock on my door once... I then went on to lose 27 years of my life.

    As a family we left last year and couldn't be happier, although we have all struggled coming to terms with finding the truth about the truth.

    We felt this then like this then this happened then our hearts went from this to this

    It hasn't been an easy journey for us but at least you have come to realise they do not have the truth, they do not have freedom. There is only freedom in Christ.

  • Chalam

    Welcome thenoblelodge!

    There is only freedom in Christ.

    Amen :)

    Great to have you here.



  • tec

    Debator - Even you must see that the months of sitting at the back and 'checking to see if he is truly repentant', is not in tune with the parable of the lost son, who simply returned to full love and honor?

    It makes it harder for people to return, not easier. You add things to rationalize your position, but really it seems as if you're twisting scripture to suit what an imperfect group of men has chosen to do.

    It is not for them to judge the heart.


  • blondie

    Although the Law's punishment for murder and adultery was execution (death) by the community, David was allowed to live (and Bathsheba although their first child was allowed to die...it had committed no sin deserving of death). There was no arrangement for reinstatement under the Law (since the criminal was dead). There was no arrangement for being "reproved." The WTS equals death under the Law to disfellowshipping from the congregation. David was not removed from his kingship as an elder (though repentant) would have been removed as an elder. And David certainly did not have wait during a period of time before being "reinstated."

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