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  • wiser

    Can anyone tell me how long the JW homestudy lasts. We are already going on a year and a half, and thank God I have not been converted yet. I am sick of hearing their version of the bible. And How they alone are the truth I have never met such blind people!. Wiser.

  • lesabre

    until you kick the bucket... true story.

  • brizzzy

    Until you tell them to get lost, basically. They won't take the hint, otherwise.

  • blondie

    It used to be one book, then back to two books. So it depends on how quickly they get through each book. 2 years sounds likely but I heard just recently of someone who studied for 8 years before getting baptized. Pre-1975, it was 6 months and the study was cancelled. Below is the policy, just substitute the books now used (changed after on 6 years).

    *** km 7/04 p. 1 par. 3 Part 1—Conducting Progressive Bible Studies ***The Require brochure and the Knowledge book are publications used for conducting many Bible studies. After they have been completed, if it is evident that a person is making progress, even slowly, and that he is developing appreciation for what he is learning, then the study may be continued in the WorshipGod book. The brochure YouCanBeGod’sFriend! may be used to study with people who have limited education or reading ability.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Usually they dump you after 6 to 8 months if you don't look like you are "making progress" (note: "making progress" is a loaded phrase JWs use that means "showing signs of accepting the indoctrination").

    If someone is spending over a year studying with you there is probably a reason. Either they simply love the ability to have stimulating conversation and count their service time for it and just don't want to lose those 4 to 8 hours a month. Or perhaps they see such great potential in you (meaning they think turning a guy like you will be a major score for the Borg) that they're willing to take as long as necessary to indoctrinate you. Or it is possible this person is experiencing how establishing new studies is very very difficult nowadays and doesn't want to let one drop until he has another one to replace you.

    How many books have you been through?

  • yknot

    They dropped the 6 month rule a decade ago......

    So a JW can study with you so long as you desire or show progress.

    I am curious as to what book you are on....... the slowest I have ever conducted on a week to week basis was the regular CBS-study schedule.


    beyond that it is really for their benefit over yours because having a study (any study these days) makes them look good on their time slips.

    Any other questions?

    *** km 6/00 p. 4 par. 3 “How Could I . . . Unless Someone Guided Me?” ***
    3 Discern the Bible Student’s Spiritual Needs: The August 1998 Our Kingdom Ministry insert discussed the length of time that we might study with people, using the Require brochure and the Knowledge book. It gave this direction: “It is necessary to gauge the pace of the study according to the circumstances and aptitude of the student. . . . We do not want to sacrifice the student’s having a clear understanding for the sake of speed. Every student needs a solid basis for his newfound faith in God’s Word.” Hence, it is advisable not to rush through the material in the Knowledge book with the thought of trying to finish the book in six months. It may require much more than six months to help some individuals progress to the point of baptism. As you conduct the study week by week, spend whatever time is necessary to help the student understand and accept what he is learning from God’s Word. In some cases, two or three weeks may be needed to cover one chapter in the Knowledge book. This will allow time to read and clarify many of the cited scriptures.—Rom. 12:2.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Until you get baptised.


    Until you start questioning their answers. If they say anything that doesn't sound quite sane, it probably isn't.

    Look in their literature for quotes from sources that appear to support their view. Their new creation brochure is a good one. Look for quotes where you can easily find the whole paragraph or better still, article, or book. Before you read the article, write down what you think the author believes as portrayed by the literature. Now read the article, and compare what the author really thinks to what you were led to believe he thinks.

    Ask your study conductor questions based on what you found.

    Welcome to the forum


  • wiser

    Thank you everyone for your replies. We are studying What Does The Bible Really Teach. We meet if possible once a week. Depending on my wordly celebrations, hoildays ect. I was told that usually people have made a commitment to join the JW by now. Every topic I have some counter argument to dispel what there saying. Yet the ladies interchange with each other and here they come. We are on page 169 not far from the end of the book. At the end will be my end. I can't take anymore of this arrogrant religion!

  • yknot

    LOL you mean you don't wanna study 'God's Love'......(or more adequately titled 'Ted's Laws')

    I am happy for your release!.....

    So what have been some of your observations as a non-JW about the 'bible teach' publication.......

    (I am a born-in so I am always curious how an outsider sees our JW world)

  • Watchtowers Witnesses
    Watchtowers Witnesses

    You deserve a medal for studying with JW's so long. You must have a high tolerance for B.S.

    You said that you are going to end the study. I think before you stop it would be a good idea to start asking some hard questions from the JW's. If you want some good questions I'm sure many here could help you out. My first question to the JW's would be "Do you have any family or children you're shunning because they left your religion?" Don't let them avoid this question. They might lie to you at first. If they say yes they are shunning family stay on the subject. Get them to explain as much as possible. They have been surrounded by people who have encouraged this type of behavior. Their moral judgment has most likely been compromised by the organization they're in. Encourage them to reach out and contact the people they are shunning, tell them it's the right thing to do. Don't be surprised if they react in an unusual manner.

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