My wife's out and we're very happy

by 10p 20 Replies latest jw experiences

  • changeling

    You are living proof that there is life, a good life, outside of the WT!

    Live long and prosper! :)

  • wantstoleave

    Lovely news!! Can't help but feel a little jealous (lol) in a good way though :)

  • CandleSurgeon

    Love hearing success stories! Congrats to you and your wife!

    And I am really happy to hear about your children being able to enjoy BDay's and just grow up without that JW crap. Good on you mate, good on you! :D

  • elder-schmelder

    Great Job !!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Good for y'all!

  • OnTheWayOut

    This is like one of the most awesome posts. Do go on with your life with my blessings and probably those of most others here who will understand that the JW stuff is pretty much in the past for you.

    You sound fantastic. If I agree or disagree with you on many issues, it's still great to talk about them, to think about them with your own mind instead of looking up what the WT mag. official opinion is.

    When life strikes at you with bad things, you will be better prepared than you were as a JW.

    Thanks for the hope for my family and rock on.

  • BabaYaga

    I'm so happy to hear from you, 10p! And I am absolutely delighted to hear how happy you and your Sweetie and kids are.

    Many happy years of exploring to you all! Thank you so much for stopping in with the wonderful news.


  • cantleave

    No guilt required, get on with your lives. If you don't need this forum, then good for you.

  • Hadit

    What a victory!! Live your lives and be happy. So wonderful to hear that your family is together. All the very best! Gives others and I hope.

  • Jesika

    I am so glad to hear u were able to move on and truely enjoy life...........I was a long time member here for a while and left....then found out it was

    supposed to be shut I didnt look back. I helped alot of ppl and alot of ppl helped me. I am at a healthy point in my life now and would

    like to help others find the peace you have found.

    Its truely an eye opening thing to be able to live your life by your own rules.......without guilt.....and smile about it. Even if you dont like all the

    things you try , but the freedom is in being able to do it on your own terms. So, so much freedom....and to be able to truely enjoy simple things, in a

    way they wouldnt mean as much, at least in my own experience, if I didnt take charge of my life and take my power back.

    Well, now.......and I am not trying to hijack the thread.....just wanted to know how to post my own thread since the format is so different.......can anyone help?

    Congrats on you and your families new makes me smile to know another family has broken the chains of guilt, and are willing to go

    through the experience that is life.

    As a dub....our lives were told to unknown is a welcomed thing. :)


    PS....if anyone can guide me through the format that is here now....not very pc savy....can send me a pm so i dont hijack this lovely and heartwarming post.

    I wish your family the best......I truely do!!!!

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