The goodbye I got from a Witness "friend"

by Eiben Scrood 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • shopaholic

    Eiben Scrood...I received a similar email from a really close friend a few months ago. The interesting part was that my friend was not all that active but one of the nicest persons I've ever known, which is why I continued my friendship with the person even though they were "spiritually weak". I was in shock because I'd been friends with that person literally through thick and thin, when every else gave up on the person and really thought we would be friends no matter what. But I knew something was up because my calls/texts were no longer being answered.

    Then I finally got an email explaining that they could no longer be my friend. Supposedly, after a personal visit from the CO, the person decided to draw closer to Jehovah organization and I was a distraction. The sad part is I know the person has doubts because they expressed them years before I did. Oh well, another "friendship" ruined.

    Happy Wednesday.

  • dozy

    Sorry mate - had very similar emails as well from family & (ex) friends. I'd be lying to say it didn't (& doesn't hurt) , but life goes on - lots of better people out there who aren't cult members. Good response - might make your ex-friend think (though somehow I doubt it - sounds like he is in far too deep).

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