The goodbye I got from a Witness "friend"

by Eiben Scrood 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • lesterd

    Sorry about that, also it another instance where they practice what I call "light switch love", true love cant be swithed off and on at will.

    Everything this scripture says appeals for repentence, not judgement. The scripture is applied to the man of God, that he MAY be competent and complete. That word MAY has alwayss been used as a potential and not an aboslute.

    Its always painfull to lose old friends, especially those who would lay down thier lives for you, spiritual brothers, this is a sign that Jehovahs Holy Spirit is not on the WTs slave, faithful or not.

    When you remove your nose from the "assholes" the smell does go away.

  • dgp

    I'm sorry for you, Eiben Scrood. This sure hurts. It's the "light switch love" that Lesterd mentions. I am borrowing that phrase, Lesterd.

    WingCommander, I just copied your quote. So true!

    Eiben, I know no friend replaces another friend, but I think I don't have to tell you that the real loser is inside. It's the one who doesn't recognize that "God" wouldn't stand in the way of humanity and friendship among all of its children.

  • keeshondgirl

    I had a very similar experience with a witness friend I had been very close to. As soon as I wasn't making the meetings I was cut off from her association. She didn't even attempt to 'help' me come back. She says I worship satan and cannot be my friend. I guess it was never a true friendship after all, she was only my friend to get me to convert to her religion. With all the books Watchtower Land writes, you'd think they'd write a book on friendship.

  • garyneal

    Ask that butthole if his nitpicking my Christian beliefs are a threat to my spirituality and whether or not I should ever consider being friends with him.

  • teel

    I think extreme reactions like this, or "she says I worship satan" might come from people who would like to remain your friend, but know that the org won't let them. So they go to extremes to prove to themselves they can't be friends, because you're just so bad.

    Just remember the "reality check" your associates on here (such as ......) are due to receive

    That "reality check" is due for at least a century now...

    With all the books Watchtower Land writes, you'd think they'd write a book on friendship.

    That would be on the shortest books list: "Only be friends with active JWs." The end.

  • tec

    While you continue to find more and more reasons to nitpick against the faithful slave and their interpretations

    At least he admitted that their teachings were interpretations. If I wanted to be snarky, I'd send back a reply thanking him for acknowledging that these are mere interpretations.

    Better used would be the quote Wing Commander gave you, though. Snarky doesn't really accomplish anything.

    Sorry for you Eiben Scrood.

    (Ha, just got your name.)


  • wasblind

    Oh wing commander, what a great qoute you found, i gotta book mark that one, so true

  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    They always have to throw in the God-is-going-to-kill-you bit. Fear and guilt just permeates their world. It seeps out their pores it is so pervasive. I have had ENOUGH.

    He can keep on believing the bullshit. If he can accept this new generation teaching, then he has truly lost any rational thinking ability that he might have had at one time.

  • aquagirl

    EEhhhh,Feckkim..There are tons of very cool folks,just dying to be your friend.Dont waste yourself on those that dont appreciate you.

  • hamsterbait

    I realised over twenty five years ago trying to make "friends" of dubs is a complete waste of time and energy.

    I have ever since then made an ever expanding group of friends who want me in their life, no matter what religion I no longer practise.

    I've had a lot more good clean fun too!!


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