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  • changeling

    I see that you are really trying to be non-judgemental, elderelite, and I appreciate that. I also see that you meant no offense by any of your posts. I did not take offense, just wanted to clarify, at least my personal stand, on the matter.

    I do sense that you are still heavily influenced by WT teachings and I also sense you are a bit torn... after all, you are here.

    So, w/o too many specifcs that could "out" you, could you tell us just why you are here? Are you having doubts? If so, what are your "issues"? Are you here to help us back to the fold? Somehow I don't think so... If you are having doubts, do you have plans to stop being an elder and eventually fade? Are you woking as a spy for our benefit; for theirs?

    I'm not being "cheeky", I really want to know. :)

  • OnTheWayOut
    Elderlite: i simply meant that some lose faith and ...

    Only the individual can decide if they have LOST faith. I joke and talk about LOSING my religion, but really I have never LOST my faith because I no longer believe it or the Bible or in the God of the Bible.

    I am tired of believers insisting (through such comments) that I have lost something. This allows them to believe that atheists among us are simply turned off by their bad experience and would otherwise be believers.

    Some of us FOUND more than we used to believe. Some of us made a conscious effort to educate ourselves about the mythology of the Bible or the foundations of real science or the evidence around us or other things. We might have been bitter ex-JW's at one point, but many truly stopped believing (or never believed) for reasons other than LOSING our faith.

    Meanwhile, I find that I am a much more "spiritual" person without God. If you care to learn how that is possible, then ask.

    Sorry for the rant on your thread, C. Don't derail this thread to address me and my thoughts if it doesn't contribute to the thread.

  • wobble

    Dear Changling,

    You have put in to words in your beautiful poem how I now find myself to be, I think I was good and kind when I was a Witless, but now it comes entirely from me and what I want to do.

    I too am an Atheist, but despite the hangover propaganda that Elderlite believes, I have never felt hatred or dislike for anybody in the Borg, with the exception of the GB and those who pull their chain, I don't know them personally, but I hate what they do, killing innocent people, children quite often, with their blood doctrine, and callously fooling 7 million into believing they speak for God.

    Bunch of Bastards.

    But I agree with you, my Atheism has made me a more moral person, I would have to deny myself to go against what I believe to be right, which is the Golden Rule.

  • changeling

    You are not derailing my thread Jeff. Your opinion is valuable. I too, feel some believers think I have lost something, but, in fact, I feel I have gained so much more.

    Thank you for your compliments, wobble. Writting that was vey revealing to me. It just poured out of me one day... :)

  • changeling

    Outtaservice: LOL! I like the message of "My Way", but it is such a cliche that usually makes me cringe a little... :)

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    A wonderful post and poem, Changeling...

    Things I found interesting:

    There was a very small tribe of people, who had absolutely no contact with the outside world, what's so ever. They found these people had made up ethical moral codes on their very own.

    I also found this study on six month old babies on good vs evil, right vs wrong:


    Also, there was a program on TV with children and ethics...(no mention of godly). They left children in a room filled with toys and a hugry bunny. All the children were told "the bunny hadn't eaten all day and he was really hungry....(I can't remember if they were told it may die if not feed)...and there was food, somewhere, in the room for the bunny". The first thing some did, was look for the food, never playing with the toys....while, others could care less and played. After they asked each child for their actions...the children who played with toys with no concern for the bunny exhibited a defensive selfish attitude. The others who looked for the food showed a very compassionate attitude. The big question in this study? Was it really important to teach children ethics?

  • changeling

    I haven't seen the study, but yes, children need to be taught respect for all living things, compassion, kindness, patience, fairness, the value of hard work, a love for learning, manners... Some will learn easier than others, for some, certain things seem to come naturally... All of these valuable lessons that make someone a well rounded person can be taught w/o God or fairie tales.

  • cyberjesus

    Thank God Atheist are not obligated to being kind. I had enough obligations being kind. Now I am kind because I want to be kind not because I am obligated nor because I am christian.

    Christian is not being kind. Kind is being kind.

    Thanks for the poem

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    I too believe this and found within myself....I would rather be kind because I choose rather then because i have to.

    That's why I was DF'd actually.

    I had faded. I would smoke a cig every now and then...but never a real smoker. One day some Wit saw me smoking and went to the elders. The elders called me for the big meeting....and said someone saw me smoking and asked if I was smoking? I told them yes....once in a great while..(boy was I naive, I should have asked them two provide their two or three witnesses). They asked me if I was going to continue smoke. I responded, well I hadn't really thought about it. I don't smoke all that often. They then read me some scriptures of angering god, loving god and destruction then asked me if I was going to repent, again? I told them no....I'm not going to repent because you're NOW asking me to......I should be sorry before God because I truly am. They proceeded to muscle me into repenting....getting firmer. Again, I told them, NO...I'm NOT going to repeat before God because you're muscling me into it. I refused to repent out of principle.

  • debator

    Hi changling

    I found your words rather sad. What price freedom from belief in Jehovah if it leaves you all alone?

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