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    A comment on dgp's thread about being kind to JW's promted me to post this thread.

    As a life long (46 years) JW, I was conditioned to doing "the right thing" because it was required of me. I was also conditioned to be on the lookout for others not doing the right thing and either distancing myself from them or reporting them to the elders.

    Today, I consider myself an atheist. I have nobody telling me what the right thing is or fear of being punished for not doing it. Yet, somehow, I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about just what is this right thing. I have found that I am less demanding and judgemental of others and, at the same time, expect more of myself. Being kind, compassionate and fair have great importance to me now. Looking out for ways to help the people in my life, the community, and the environment are a way of life for me. Nobody expects this of me, I expect it of myself and it gives me a sense of peace and joy.

    Here is something I wrote a few months ago, that speaks of my deepest thoughts:


    No one watches my every move.

    No one reads my thoughts.

    No one monitors my dreams.

    No one passes judgment, or keeps tabs.

    My actions don’t get recorded; to be used against me or in my favor.

    I think, and I breathe and I act: alone.

    Alone. Responsible for myself.

    Able to choose based on experience or whim.

    I don’t have to check to see if my choice is the “right” one.

    I can change my mind.

    I can learn and alter my course.

    I’ve no need of confession.

    I’ve no fear of punishment.

    I expect no rewards.

    I have no thoughts of heaven or paradise.

    No fairy tale ending awaits me.

    I live, not for an idealized future, but for today.

    Today I can make someone happy.

    Today I can make choices.

    Today I have a voice.

    I’m truly and completely alone.

    But I’m not lonely.

    I don’t fear the dark or its prince.

    Fear does not rule me.

    I find comfort in my own heart;

    And in the very depths of my mind.

    Places no one can reach, that are private and safe.

    I matter.

    I am human.

    I am perfect in my uniqueness.

    I’ve no unattainable goal to make me feel small.

    I am alone.

    I am free.


    I will not speak for every person, atheist or otherwise, but the way I feel and lead my life is proof that being "godless" does not have to mean being unconcerned with others. :)

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    Please don't take my remark to mean that I think that all atheist are by necessity mean bastards. i simply meant that some lose faith and are no feel bound by the law of the Christ. I pointed out that those who still hold to faith in God and Christ after leaving the JW's are still under obligation to treat others kindly, regardless of that persons faith. Thats all I was pointing out. I also believe that most people are generally speaking good at heart. I take that to be true of you my dear changeling. I am the most non judgmental JW elder you will ever meet. Please don't take me to seriously or take it hard. Nothing but love for you.

  • changeling

    You really are an elder???!!!

    Do I know you??? LOL!

    The comment you made about "being under obligation to treat others kindly", and something similar you said on the other thread, are what really get me. How is being kind because of being "under obligation" a good thing? Yes, I guess it's better that not being kind, but, still...

    I think if you met more atheists (here or IRL) you'd find that being "mean bastards" is not the norm, but rather a false streotype. :)

  • undercover
    I am the most non judgmental JW elder you will ever meet.

    Is that why your name is "elder elite"?

  • zoiks

    I like it, Changeling. It mirrors some of my own thoughts and feelings.

  • elderelite

    LOL well yes I really am an elder. and I counldnt say if we have meet since I dont know you... yet.... To be clear, I dont think being an atheist makes you a mean bastard. I think most people are good at heart. I really mean that and I have said it twice. My point was to the OP who was asking if he (or She) should be kind to a JW. It seemed like a self explainitory deal to me, of course be nice to everyone, but I took a biblical stance on it. I played that against the view that I have also seen on this board, the view that once you get out of the org you hate everyone in it forever. That is not an exageration. We have all seen it from time to time. In short, if you still profess beleife in God and christ you must be kind. if you dont, then you can be kind anyway because, as I mentioned, most folks are good at heart anyway. As for being underobligation... it was a scriptuarl referance. Its never good to pretend to be anything you are not, but as humans we can choose to be what we want. Christians are directed to choose kindness. I am not so arogant so as to beleive that a christian choosing to be kind is better than an atheist choosing to be kind. Not my point at all. Just saying a christian is obligated. Unfortunatly if this prevokes more discussion I will be unable to respond for several hours since i am at my newbie post limit. I'll check back in later..

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    Elderelite - I'd just like to respectfully disagree on one point you say. It might be semantics, but I think there is a difference.

    Being a Christian does not obligate someone to be kind to others. Being a Christian is being kind to others.

    (Or at least it should be. But of course, not everyone who says they are a Christian actually are; just as some who are not Christians do follow the principles Christ taught)


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    Do you like Frank Sinatra's song, I DID IT MY WAY?


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