Magazine Distribution--Your Area?

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  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    We all know that the internet is the fastest way to reach the public worldwide. One message send out worldwide on the internet will be passed down by word of mouth for those that don't have a computer.

    For an eternal life and everlasting suffering death message preached by the Watchtower, you would think that they would be blood guilty for not using this avenue of service.

  • WTWizard

    Good, we can get them online. Often months before the active witlesses even know what's in them, we are able to post it on these boards.

  • steve2
    But in the last 5 years, the JWs were calling twice a year or more for the first year, then down to once or twice a year, then down to once a year, then they entered the neighborhood on a quick "kamikaze" run before last year's Memorial, and now I NEVER see them about...

    Same here in New Zealand. We live in a very accessible community and in more than five years here, we've seen them plodding round the block once - and that was in 2006. We just don't see them. I remember in the 1970s we were covering the territory every few weeks and were highly visible - especially the young ones who were door-knocking. In 2006, there were a handful of mainly older women - no men. Yes, I don't exactly miss them - but their visibility has dropped off significantly in recent years...

  • anglise

    Havent seen anyone in our area for months, yet when we were still door knocking the territory was covered about every 2-3 months.

    Must be because all the honest hard working dubs have now left and are here on JWD and other similar boards.

    All power to us.


  • yknot

    Well Thank Goodness that SO didn't ban laundry mats and lobby areas!

  • ziddina

    LOL at Ynot's comment!!!

    Along with UnderCover and MallCop's comments, one wonders whether the WTBTS will refer JWs to the [[[shudder]]] EEEEVIL Internet to obtain their mags...???

    Man, that bit of hypocrisy would have me rolling in the aisles with laughter!!!

    Zid dragon queen

  • Quentin

    "I'm with Scarred and Zid...been in this house for eight and a half years...In the last seven years or so, nothing, nada, zilch, zip." (jamiebowers)......

    Same here...been in this house 10+ years. Live in a nice quite neighborhood, in a small town no less, on a main street. No jws, nothing...we're not on any list, to my knowledge, but ya don't see jw' two kh's, one built within the last two years....nice clean cut Mormans at least three times a year...heh, heh, last time they were out and about they offered to help bring my grocies into the does that compare, eh?

  • darthfader

    The only JW's I see going door to door are the ones from the Spanish Cong.

  • blondie

    This thread has gone astray; this was my original question. Does anybody currently attending or who gets info from attending family have heard of this?

    I found out that in a local congregation the service overseer has directed that magazines not be given by jws to:

    a) Inactive jws

    b) Return visits that are not coming to the meetings after 6 months

    c) Bible students that are not coming to the meetings after 6 months

    I wonder if jws will continue to call on rvs or bible students if they are not getting magazines?

    So I guess only non-jws called on d2d or informally have any hope of getting magazines? after 6 months?

  • TheOldHippie

    In Europe, there is no "new arrangement", magazines are delivered to publishers according to the number they have asked for, as has been done for years. And there is no change as to what persons they are delivered to. So either these "things" are a US thng, or they are a very local thing.

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