Magazine Distribution--Your Area?

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  • blondie

    I found out that in a local congregation the service overseer has directed that magazines not be given by jws to:

    a) Inactive jws

    b) Return visits that are not coming to the meetings after 6 months

    c) Bible students that are not coming to the meetings after 6 months

    I wonder if jws will continue to call on rvs or bible students if they are not getting magazines?

    So I guess only non-jws called on d2d or informally have any hope of getting magazines? after 6 months?

  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    And the non-jws get the mag. for the public only. Inactive, rv's Bible students get what? Nothing! Good for them!

    As far as any hope of getting mags. Its a good thing that they don't get them.

    Is the service overseer getting his orders from the society in print or making his own rules?

  • baltar447

    Can you clarify? Are we talking public editions or study edition of the WT?

  • exwhyzee

    I never understood why anyone who wasn't a Jw would want to read the Watchtower magazines. They mostly contained information and language that would only be meaningful to those already inside the Org.

  • snowbird

    One elder sent me two study editions on yesterday - July 15 and August 15 - and a convention badge with my name and the congregation's neatly written on it!

    I'm confused!




    Good morning Blondie..

    It`s a lame attempt to contain WBT$ information,within Watchtower World..

    The WBT$ is not interested in getting the WBT$ Message out,to the entire world..

    Unless your in the WBT$ Cult..

    "No WBT$ Soup for You!!.."

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • blondie

    baltar, any editions even the ones for the public....The person I know asked for the WT dated the first and were told they could not have them because they weren't coming to the kh and they were only a return visit.

  • doinmypart

    Interesting. At the KH my mother attends she said the public edition mags have been piling up since the new arrangement a few weeks ago. An elder made an announcement last week for the publishers to pick up mags after the meeting, too many mags in stock between the three congregations that share the KH.

    WTS knew the publishers weren't placing all of the mags that were ordered by the congregations. The field service reports gave them a good idea of how many mags were going into the trash. With the new arrangement plus this new directive (probably came down through BOE letter) I believe WTS will begin cutting back on number of mags printed.

  • blondie

    doin, it is so weird. I wonder who they expect people to "place" mags with? I know pioneers that counted on placements with rvs and bible students and they studied longer than 6 months with them before they came to the meetings, if ever.

    Without the careful counting out and slotting of magazines to each jw, how would they know who is not picking them up? I can remember brothers chasing people around to give them their allotment of magazines.

  • baltar447

    Maybe this isn't something through a BOE letter, but maybe the SO's bright idea.

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