Horrifying Demon Attack: My Experience

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  • cult classic
    cult classic

    LOL laverite.!

  • blondie

    Who worries about demons when you have a pedophile father living in your house?!

  • JWoods

    Sadly, I have known people who were so "into demons" that they would have denied it was actually an earthquake.

    Or, claimed that it was an earthquake "caused by the demons".

  • techdotcom

    Both extremely funny and sad at the same time. Awsome story. I used to have reacurring dreams of demon attacks and in my dreams I would try to say "Jehovah" and for some reason I couldn't untill I strained with all my might. Kinda like the monster chasing you and you can only run in slow motion. sigh... at some point I stopped believing that crap as superstitious nonsense and the nightmares stopped too.

    Oh and I can remember being terrified during big thunderstorms that it might be the big A too.

    The thing is I am a very skeptical person and have been since an early age. But the methods used to indoctrinate the witnesses had it's effect on me as well. Not too many people will hold on to a stupid belief harder than a skeptic who has convinced himself that it's true. Lesson learned, moving on.


    I had a couple of Dubs stay over many years ago..

    The next morning..

    They complained they heard Demonic noises coming from the basement and were very afraid..

    I had to explain to them..

    Thats where the furnace was and the furnace made noise when it heated the house..

    Without a WBT$ Education..JW`s could be a lot Dumber..

    Doofus Doofus

    ............................. ...OUTLAW

  • EmergedAsMe

    "Not too many people will hold on to a stupid belief harder than a skeptic who has convinced himself that it's true. Lesson learned, moving on."

    I have to whole-heartedly agree with this statement.

    As to the OP "demonic attack" I understand how you would have been terrified. It really is insane about how the indoctrintion gets people convinced normal things are satans demons out to get you personally.

    I don't like scary movies (demons or no demons) but on one occasion I happened to see "the ring". I had no idea what it was about so when it was slipped into the dvd player - I had no idea what would happen. I was so terror-struck (the house was dark, and everyone in in was watching the dvd) that I convinced myself that there was no way I could move from the sofa. Went home and to bed, finally drifted off to sleep only to awaken feeling like I was being crushed and that I can't speak. Naturally I interpret this as my watching "the ring" invited demons into my life. I keep trying to call to jehovah but his name is stuck in my throat... Finally manage it and the feeling goes away. I was absolutely terrified!!

  • laverite

    I see what you mean about thunderstorms, Elgiard. When I was little, I remember family members and family friends loudly sing "Let the Seas and Thunders Roar! Warn of Armageddon's War! Joyfully, Sound the Praise. Jehovah God is King." I think this was from an old songbook way before my time, but I remember people breaking out into song when the thunder began. I also remember my father screaming out "Jehovah!!!" at the top of his voice, scaring the living crap out of me. I would literally run, hide, going fetal and shaking uncontrollably, thinking I was about to be killed by Jehovah. This is child abuse as far as I am concerned.

    I honestly think it's important to give witness (so to speak) about our experiences growing up J-Dubs. Our experiences and our voices are here on this site as a record of what has happened to us as a result of this cult.

  • laverite

    P.S. Does anyone know or has anyone heard of that song that I referenced in my last post. Also, please excuse the different font(s). I am playing around with some of the "features."

  • cantleave

    LMAO - I was scared of Demons too, always concerned they would attack me.

  • mentallyfree31

    By the time this experience makes it to the Watchtower Magazine, they will edit out the earthquake part, and it will be an all-out demon attack. They are everywhere brothers, waiting to pounce on you!



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