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    Did God Lie when he said that if Adma and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge they woudl die?

    Will, they did die, but that would presuppose they were immortal BEFORE they ate of the tree, we don't know that.

    The hebrew word for die that is used is: muwth and means -

    1) to die, kill, have one executed

    a) (Qal)

    1) to die

    2) to die (as penalty), be put to death

    3) to die, perish (of a nation)

    4) to die prematurely (by neglect of wise moral conduct)

    b) (Polel) to kill, put to death, dispatch

    c) (Hiphil) to kill, put to death

    d) (Hophal)

    1) to be killed, be put to death

    a) to die prematurely

    All give indication of death, no instant death per say, but death.

    Now, we can view the fact that they did NOT die instantly as the death that God meant was NOT instant, but PERHAPS cost them there immortality ( IF they had one) or we can view it as their eating of the tree killed their innocence and special place with God.

    Outside of trying to interpret what was MEANT, we can just rely on what was said-

    God said they would die if they ate of the tree, the serpent said they would NOT die, but become like God, so what happened?

    They ate, the became aware of right and wrong, they felt they were deceived by the serpent ( they did not accuse God of anything) and they were banished from Eden and they suffered greatly and they DIED.

    God did NOT lie for they did indeed Die, what God did was NOT tell them the whole consequences of their mistake.

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    I'm liking your thinking Tammy...

    Loz x

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    Loz - I'm glad.

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