JW Urban Legands

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  • crazycate

    I don't usually "LOL" but I did at cantleave's "10 hours a month annoying their neighbors."

  • Palimpsest

    One that I remember goes: The householder hates JWs and swears the next one to knock on his door will get both barrels of his shotgun emptied in their chest. Only when this lone male JW shows up with "two big guys on either side of him" the householder accepts a study and eventually becomes a DO or something.

    At least that version explains how the Witnesses found out about this after the fact! I love the ones where they leave it hanging. Like...the rapist saw the angels, but how do you know that he saw them? Does the rapist come to a meeting and tell you about it? Amazing how so many Witnesses "know" a person this happened to, yet if you press for a pretty basic detail like that, they can't answer. ;)

    We had an ex-Warlock at our Hall, who at one time was so powerful he could throw you against the wall by just looking at you.

    Yeah, you really gotta look out for those warlocks...

  • exwhyzee

    There was a brother and a Circut Overseer that called on a woman at the door. The woman told them that she regularly conducted seances and told peoples fortunes. During their discussion about how wrong this is from the bible's standpoint, the woman broke out in a fit of hysterical shreaking and laughing. The brother was horrified to see the Circut Overseer slap the woman right across the face. On the way back to the car he asked the Circut Overseer why he hit the woman. The Overseer replied "why brother...haven't you heard...you are always supposed to strike a happy medium "

    A sister was approached at the assembly by a man who told her that he had once broken into her house to rob her and was hiding under her bed. He heard her praying outloud and was so impressed that he decided not to hurt her. He waited for her to fall asleep and took her Bible and some literature and snuck out of the house. "A bible study was started" and now he is a Witness.

  • StAnn

    When I was a little girl, my brothers spent the night with a worldly family up the street. They had a ouija board and my brothers sneaked and played it with their kids. That night, my brother woke up and started screaming because the shirt he had taken off before bedtime was flying around the room. He ran out of that house and ran home as quickly as humanly possible. He came into our house and confessed to my mom what he had done. We were all standing there when my other brothers came running in behind him, laughing their butts off, holding his shirt in their hands. They let go of the shirt and it started flying around our living room. A bat had gotten into the house and somehow under the shirt. It was flying around with this shirt draped over it! My dad was so mad and my brother was humiliated. Seems like Mom just hit him with her house slipper and went back to bed.

    Not an urban legend: a treasured family story.


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