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  • ShellyDee

    In my congregation we have many urban legands, like the one about the smurf doll jumping out of a girls lap and running out of the KH because it couldn't stand to hear the good news. We also had one where a sister was out in FS and a dog talked, it told a sister not to knock on this one door, the sister went to the house and knocked anyway, and the doors and windows of the house flew open and dishes flew out, the sister was scared and ran away and the dog yelled at her retreating back "I told you not to got here!"

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    ShellyDee........welcome to the board. Don't know how long you've been lurkering, but maybe someone will re-post an old JW urban legend thread for you. Hope you enjoy posting on the forum.

    Think About It

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis


    Those legends NEVER get old. Lots of Smurf lovers here hahaha

  • zoiks

    ShellyDee, welcome!

    Yeah, the urban legends were pretty common in my area too. Lots of crazy demonic activity and stuff

  • finallysomepride

    Welcome ShellyDee

  • read good books
    read good books

    Welcome to the board ShellyDee, there was the ticking clock that wasn't plugged in bought at a flee market apparantly a demon inside who couldn't find anything better to do with it's time, and the violin that played itself. The brother who heard these thing was later himself df'ed.

  • lesabre

    i heard a story when i was little about a smurf jumping off a little girl's night gown and raped her. >.<

    heard about this house holder who had everything in their house covered in tin foil to "keep the demons from making trouble". then the dubs pulled out the watchtower and everything in the house jumped.

    there was this one woman who i pioneered with who was full of stories:

    -if she came across angry dogs she just looked it straight in the eyes and it would run away because they saw a lover of Jehovah (but i think they saw something scary. she was the one who repetedly verbally abused me)

    -one guy at the door told her that there was a group he was part of who was currently erecting buildings with no windows to stick all the JW's and Jews in. like a concentration camp.

    -her abusive mother gave her a piano. she started seeing a man in the wood grain that would mouth words to her (i had the same experience with a man on the wall that looked exactly like she described. i know it sounds crazy...) and she was CONVINCED that her mom demonized it on purpose to further her abuse.

    those are all i remember.

  • shopaholic

    1. A JW mother heard an unknown voice coming from her young daughter's room. Asked her daughter who she was talking to and her daughter said her friend. The mother peeked inside the room because she thought it would be cute to see her daughter "doing make-believe" only to see the smurf doll having a full conversation with her daughter. She grabbed the smurfed doll and threw it into the fireplace. It burned for a few minutes then the mom opened the door to let out the odd fumes. The smurf dolled jumped up and ran out the door.

    2. A JW purchased lingerie at a thrift shop (go figure ) and she put it on one night. Well, her and her husband starting talking and whenever they said "Jehovah" the gown would squeeze her real tight. They figured it must be demonized. So she tossed it. The next day it was back in her dresser. They cut it into pieces and tossed it again. The next day it was back in her dresser. They took it outside and burned it and prayed as it burned. It did not return the next day.

    3. A couple were in service and about to be attacked by a dog. The wife held out the Watchtower just as the dog leaped towards her and the dog immediately stop, dropped its head and ran away wimpering.

  • Palimpsest

    I know there have been threads about urban legends before, but my favorite will always be the two pioneers in service who call on a rapist's door. He doesn't attack them because he sees two big strong men standing behind them. When the pioneers find out about this later, they realize God had sent his angels to stand beside them.

    The same story circulates among the LDS and some other evangelical faiths. It's ridiculous and offensive on so many levels that I don't even know where to begin dissecting it.

  • EmptyInside

    I've heard stories of animals talking too,out in service. One story it was a crow someone owned.

    And then, there is the story of the warlock, who told a Witness the demons told him that the reason so many young ones leave the organization is because since their children, the demons', died in the flood. They are doing everything they can to make Witness children leave Jehovah.

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