If I never have the internet, I would probably be a dub today.

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  • agonus

    ...or, even better, an abusive relationship...

  • yknot
    an abusive relationship

    I am going to take some anxiety meds (1st time this year, so I guess I am getting better)...

    But before I sign-off ....

    I felt Agonus's description above is the most accurate I have ever read.....

    (I think this will be a 'break through' moment for me)

    ... funny how such threads can impact us deeply without the slightest intention....

    Thank you

  • agonus

    You're welcome, dear.

    Anxiety meds... been there, still doing that...

  • agonus

    "an abusive relationship"

    My wife and I both turned into monsters before the inevitable divorce... so not only was the religion abusive, we became that way too...

    "Deal not with monsters lest ye become one"... Nietzche

    The Watchtower fucking sucks.

  • read good books
    read good books
    If 1976 never came I would still be a db.

    You know I have thought about that too, if they had not thrown out that stupid 75 Armaggeddon date and then reacted like a bunch of dishonest politicians when the end didn't come in 75 I may have never seen the light, I was in Bethel in 76 watching them pretend like nothing had happened, thankyou Knorr and Franz and the rest of the GB back then for helping to disillusion me so badly that I would quit and at least have the rest of my life to be free.

    "The Watchtower fucking sucks."

    amen brother

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I would not still be a JW


    I would still be an apologist

    Thankyou geeks of the world for inventing the internet, and a bigger thankyou to those that post here!


  • finallysomepride

    I connected to the internet in 1995, I had made up my mind to leave jws in the 80s but over a number of years, finally attending for the last time in 2002, so no even with out the internet I would still have left, but maybe not have been enlightened as much as I have been with the internet

  • Lozhasleft

    Without the internet and forums for exJWs especially this one and the people on it I think I would still be in distress following the Disfellowshipping which left me stunned and bereft. Fortunately my views and realisation that the Org wasnt what I thought it was have been validated online and the info it referred me to.

    Loz x

  • OnTheWayOut

    In writing my personal story, I realize that the dubs have basically not changed who I am. I tried to be a kinder, gentler elder. I have good morals. I was derailed for awhile, but I have come around to be who I am afterall. I am confident that I would probably still be at the Kingdom Hall today, but would have managed to come out a wee bit later without the internet. I still knew things were wrong without finding stuff out from the web.

    BUT I did not know anything about Ray Franz and the United Nations before the internet. I didn't know too much about the pedophile stuff but I did know some things about how the doctrine has changed over the years.

  • thetrueone

    I left pre inter-net in 1980, even though I was a born in, somewhat after investigating 1975 and the supposed 6000 years back to Adam's existence

    was nothing but a fabricated lie. This pretty much broke my confidence that the WTS was really being guided by god's spirit.

    After all the WTS is really a publishing company, so the proclamations made by this organization brought doubt to their own established validity.

    People today now have the information highway to research things so its a little easier.....lucky bastards

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