Michael Jackson---What Was Your Opinion Of Him?

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  • elderelite

    Sooner, I agree with all on your list and would add on


  • stillajwexelder

    Wacko Jacko was a weird but talented guy

  • exwhyzee

    The difference between being weird and being eccentric is how in many zeros you have at the end of your bank account balance.

    Michael Jackson was ruined by fame...but he was wealthy....so he survived for a while.

  • WTWizard

    I liked his music, and nothing can take that away from him. However, he needed to answer to any pedophilia he did (and that goes for giving underage boys drugs and/or alcohol, which is itself illegal). And he didn't have the best money management skills.

  • Gopher

    "He needed to answer to any pedophilia he did" - accusations have been made but none were proven. He was acquitted. Any other statement is based on assumption of people and situations that nobody on this board knows about.

    As to his personality, I feel he was very naive and it led him into bad-looking situations. However I do not believe his intentions were ever to hurt anyone.

    Very little has been said here about his philanthropy and generosity. He raised millions for causes he cared about.

    If anyone has doubts about his musical genius, just watch the "This is It" DVD, and consider how respected and imitated he was in the music world. So many artists were inspired by his very-original style. And he invented the music-video-as-art. Before his videos that accompanied the Thriller album, every music video was a performance video. MJ changed that. He was continually breaking new ground, he didn't settle into the same pattern or regress.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I hope for all involved that he wasn't a child molester. His comments about what's wrong with a child sleeping in your bed was too weird and probably caused a lot of people to pile on when he could have helped himself at the time.

    MJ was a musical genius. Although he didn't play an instrument his voice, dance moves, performance & the fact that he put the music together made him a musical genius. He was far more than a singer & dancer.

    Think About It

  • tenyearsafter

    Michael was in my in-law's congregation back in the 80's. He was always a very quiet young man...very shy around adults. We were at several "get togethers" where he attended, and he immediately gravitated to the children. He would just go where the kids were playing and start to join in whatever games they were involved in at the time. It didn't seem "creepy" or anything other than a man-child going where he was comfortable. He always seemed uncomfortable around adults. This all took place around the time Thriller was released...and the subsequent uproar about the occult, etc., etc. His withdrawal from the JW's followed fairly soon after that.

    I thought he was incredibly talented and mesmerizing as a performer...was he a child molester?...I don't think so in the typical way we would think of pedophiles. I believe that he was unable to distinguish between "appropriate" and accepted behavior around kids. He thought he was a still kid, so he didn't see it unusual that he surrounded himself with kids.

    If anything, he was a tragic figure...tortured and always seeking happiness...not unlike many other "geniuses" we have seen through the years.

  • minimus

    Ten, I think you're spot on!

  • shamus100

    Are you asking what I think or what I should think because others think it?

    Yeah, I thought so...

    Child molester, wack job.

  • minimus

    Everyone's entitled to their opinions.

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