Pendulums. Are they dangerous?

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  • Terry

    The mind can be thought of as many things. Among them being an interpretive filter.

    Instead of interpreting external things we can--through strong emotional misconception--project outward and interpret our projection as having come from the outside.

    If you are, for example, afraid of snakes and you go out into an area well-known for being "snakey" you might well jump out of your skin if you see a piece of coiled rope or a stick shaped a certain way.

    The fear is real although the coiled rope isn't.

    The same is true of belief in demons, spirits, ghosts, supernatural "powers'.

    Your fear creates an emotional transmission and you'll feel the pre-echo by hallucinating something from "outside" that is really from the inside.

    Once you don't believe in such things any long it will be almost impossible to fear the demons!

  • mrsjones5

    Ever been to the Franklin Institute in Philly?

    No, but I have been to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and I never brought any demons home.

  • WTWizard

    A pendulum has other uses. Many clocks, and particularly those big grandfather and cuckoo clocks use them to keep time. You also use a pendulum when you use a swing set. In fact, anything that is free to swing becomes a pendulum.

    They are dangerous if they are massive enough to knock you down and hurt you, and then only if you get hit with one. If they are not massive enough to hurt you that way, they are about as dangerous as any other moving object their size--which is none.

  • glenster

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