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  • besty

    thanks Mad- I won;t take too much credit as a lot of the source material is from JWN, jwfacts etc

    It has a lot of reads over the last year or so which is the aim of the game.

    The JW's almost always completely ignore the scriptural points and go to straight to ad hominems - its quite funny really....

  • gubberningbody

    You could say...

    "Yes it is true, that like Job, I am determined not to let any man or any organization pretending to speak for Jehovah take away my integrity.

    Yes, it is also true that like Abraham, who James referred to in his letter as "God's friend" I am concerned that "The Judge of all the earth" ought not allow himself to be besmirched by his own conduct appearing to be less than moral, nor allow any man or any organization pretending to act on his instruction to represent him in a less than spotless manner remain uncontested.

    It is for both of these reasons that I must take pains to point out how the WTBS has not only misrepresented the scriptures, but also the moral force of love as represented by the person of Jehovah himself.

    These men have changed his word, violated the very spirit of his word, and appropriated for themselves the prerogatives of judging which he has given to his son. In this they are anti-Christ. They are certainly not the only religious group who have acted in this manner, but they are the ones whose pernicious ways have had the greatest impact upon me and those whom I loved and strill love.

    You, sir, have your own garden to attend to. I suggest that you attend to it. As for me, I cannot stop speaking about the things I have seen and heard. I would be false to myself , my maker and my savior were I to remain silent in this matter."

    ... or something else, maybe...

  • jwfacts

    Anonymous posted the following great comment, which is great and to the point. It saves you tarnishing your reputation by getting into an argument with him.

    Russ, you are as dumb as the day is long. Perhaps you SHOULD have taken time to read what Paul wrote. But of course, your brain might not be able to take in what he said, so instead, you do what all members of cults do: you lash out without reason or even scriptural backing.

    The Apostle Paul did not command that everyone "high five" everyone we meet, but if you had bothered to read the evidence, Paul most certainly did not practice shunning the way Jehovah's Witnesses do today.

    But of course, since you have "the Truth", everyone else must be a liar, no matter what sort of evidence they present. Get off your high horse and try actually READING what was said instead of glancin over it, becoming furious, and reiterating your nonsensical rants.

  • wannabefree

    Thanks to you and those you had collaboration with for that very well written blog.

    I am grateful to all of you who follow the courageous example of Ray Franz and others throughout history who have stood against and exposed the tyranny of others.

    Thank you for helping me to have the resources to look, and to find the courage to read what I once was afraid to and considered wicked propoganda.

    It is so strange to find true love for neighbor in a place that I once thought was the epitome of evil.

    There is so much to say, I will just end and again say ... THANKS!

  • besty

    thanks for all the suggestions - feel free to get on over to Google and post 'em up there too!

    In the end I went with:

    It always amuses me when JW apologists break the rules of the religion they are trying to defend by entering into communication with us apostates on the INTERNET.

    Anyways - welcome to the dark side Russ!

    You don't offer any scriptural rebuttal to the points I developed for each of the scriptures the WTS uses to justify its hybrid invented term 'disfellowshipping'. Rather you frame the issue as Right v Wrong. In fact you repeat this theme concluding with 'if you disagree with Jehovah's Witnesses then you disagree with the Bible.' Big claim to make, but made easier by the fact you have printed your own Bible translation to compare yourself with. Well done there.

    If you feel that the legalistic and secretive way that Jehovah's Witnesses disfellowship people is a reflection of Christianity then good luck to you. Must feel good to be in the exalted company of Moonies, Scientologists and the Amish and Menonnites. You aren't even uniquely misguided. The black and white thinking (right v wrong) is a hallmark of the strict control typical in new religious movements. Before offering people a bible study perhaps you should offer them a history study.

  • steve2

    Besty, what a powerful response. If this disobedient JW' s got even half an active brain cell, it'll stir at least some discomfort and blow some sink holes in his puffy arrogance. Well done!


    great article, great response & great link - I'm still totally naive to most of the facts on JW history (not unlike all dubs) and the wiki on Charles Taze spanks of opportunist rather than God-directed. Keep up the good work


  • cantleave

    Apparently my comment is "False"!

  • bohm

    Besty - hats of to your response. I doubt you will see him again. "You don't offer any scriptural rebuttal to the points I developed" , i doubt he liked that!

  • donuthole

    Paul didn't command us to "high-five" everyone but he certainly commanded Christians to "greet one another with a holy kiss" @ Romans 16:16. It's in the Bible, so why don't JW's do this?

    My big gripe with JW's when they state that they df because they follow the Bible is you can't find anything that the Bible that resembles their practices. It has been mentioned here by others - but show me private/public reproof in the Bible, show me judicial committees, appeal committees, show me where recordings are prohibited and witnesses not allowed, show me someone that you have to wait a min year to reinstate, show me that when someone is reinstated that they cannot comment at the meetings.

    So yes Paul did order the Corinthians to remove the man from among them (in violation to Jesus' instructions, but perhaps Paul didn't know of them). Yet we cannot neglect were he relents in 2 Cor and tells them to restore the man shortly thereafter.

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