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  • carla

    So really, what could it hurt to open the door?-

  • bohm

    my take on it:

    Dear Russ,

    Let me begin my post by quoting from the watchtower on shunning:

    The authority for excummunicating they [the catholic] claim, is based on the teachings of Christ and the apostles, as found in the following scriptures: Matthew 18:15-19, 1 Corinthians 5:3-5; 16:22, Galetians 1:8,9, 1 Timothy 1:20, Titus 3:10, but the hirachys excummunication as a punishment and a "medicinal" remedy, finds no support in the scripture. In fact, it is altogether foreign to Bible teachings.

    The author goes on to speculate the practice of shunning is connected with paganism and demonic activity - i cannot attest for the last part, but i can conclude the biblical basis for shunning is not any more obvious than it was overlooked by the watchtowers leadership for the majority of its existence. Thus when you write: "Gods word told us to do so", i can only add that the jehovahs witness are not very good at interpreting the bible, or God change his mind from time to time. I personally believe the first option is the most likely.

    And that brings me to my main point. The rules for when a person is shunned, how a person is shunned, even IF shunning is okay at all, are all a matter of interpretation of the bible, and something which i can give numorous examples of change over time - changes which are often extremely poorly described. For example, did you know it was a serious sin in the 80s if a jehovahs witness did not cry out if she was raped?

    So no, i do not doubt the word of God. I doubt the abilites of a group of men with a 100% grack record on false prophecies, and before that change i will not let them dictate if i can see my friends or children.

  • pirata

    "Nice try. You cannot really be a Jehovah's Witness since leaving comments here would be an act of disobedience against the 'Faithful Slave'."

    Hey... wait a minute...

  • cantleave

    My response to the other dude's question about what harm could there be to answering the door?

    Recruitment into an insidious cult. A cult where people are not to think for themselves, they have to accept that a group of eight men based in Brooklyn are being guided by the Holy Spirit. Those men have been responsible for shielding paedophiles, encouraging members, including children to refuse life saving medical treatment and have interfered in the private lives of married couples. A cult that castigates the United Nations as a harlot, fornicating with false religion and then becomes an NGO in order to get a library card! A cult that will shun you you if you don't follow current doctrine, but changes the doctrine continuously. A cult that determined a key date using Pyrimidology an occult practice. A cult that in one of its key books constantly quotes from a pseudo scientist,Francis Hitchin, who in fact is a diviner and occultist. A cult that teaches the fall of Jerusalem was 607 BC when in fact every single credible scholar in archaeology, will tell the date was 586 / 587 BC. A cult that has put Jesus in second place to the Governing Body and prevents millions from using Jesus as the way to God.

  • besty

    lets see how long he leaves your comment up there CL....

  • binadub

    I also have an article on shunning on my Web site, xjw.com. Here's the link.


    I usually tell JWs who contact me that disfellowshipping and shunning are two different things. The Jews of Jesus' day were admonished to treat them as Gentiles.


  • notverylikely

    "I'll get off my high horse when you take your head out of his ass."

  • Finally-Free

    If you disagree with the way Jehovah's Witnesses obey God's Word about "shunning" those who are unrepentant in their practice of sin, then you disagree with the Bible.

    I'm shunned because I voiced my disagreement with the watchtower's protection of pedophiles. I'm not the one who needs to "repent".


  • Razziel

    From all the experiences I've read and all of the friends I've had who experienced JC's firsthand, I'd venture to say that repentance might factor into the JC decision half the time. And that's highly dependent upon getting truly sincere elders in your JC.

    Shunning is just the visible part of being disfellowshipped. The part not visible to the public is the intense guilt and condemnation that comes from the JC decision as being viewed as agreement with judgement in heaven from Jehovah that you are in a spiritually dead condition.

    If the elders disfellowship you, then in accordance with their beliefs, they are in effect acting as judge and jury and sentencing you to death. Since they can't take you out back and stone you, they expect God to be in agreement with their decision and act as your executioner at armageddon. In the mean time, you are treated like you are already dead.

    This is very pharisaical and I think Jesus would say "Ok, but let the sinless Elder cast the first stone."

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Paul, that is an AWESOME article.

    I have no good words for a response to Russ. I feel like most often it is best to just let a Dub's words speak for themselves. Anyone with the least bit of compassion, fellow feeling, and natural affection will read your article, then read Russ' comment, and know what's what.

    Thank you for your hard work on this article and the many others you have posted online.

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