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    This is an update to this thread. http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/195184/1/Do-JWs-now-avoid-live-persons-they-meet-in-the-field

    This morning I was on my usual stroll from 10:00 am to 11:00 am and I again saw the JW's out placing flyers on doors advertising the upcoming District convention. Two women were on one side of the street working together and two men were on the opposite side each working alone doing the house over house method. My first stroll up the street was met with just a "good morning" as guy #1 passed by me. About a minute later I encountered guy #2. He stopped an said "good morning" and began to hand me a flyer. The conversation went like this.

    Guy #1: Hello, Good Morning. We out inviting people to hear some exciting and timely bible discussions whch are very relevant to the times were living in.

    Me: Bible discssuions? Are you Mormons?

    Guy #1: No. We're Jehovah's Witnesses

    Me: Oh, I have heard of you. Nothing personal, but you guys are too Catholic for me. (I have no issues with Catholics, but I knew this would get them yapping)

    Guy #1: (Laughs) Oh Really. how is that?

    Me: You both say you believe the bible, but you actually only believe what your organization says the bible says.

    Guy #1: Not true. We believe what we read in the bible. We look for ourselves, we don't wait for papa Pope to tell us.

    Me: I respectfully disagree. I have an aunt who is a JW and I have seen the changes over the years and the changes come from your leaders.

    Guy #1: We don't have leaders.

    Me: Who runs your organization?

    Guy #1: A group of men called the Governing Body

    Me: Ok. Then your Governing Body dictates what the meaning of the bible.

    Guy #1: No sir. They guide us but they don't dictate our beliefs to us.

    (Now Guy#2 shows up and Guy#1 gives him a quick review of our discusssion)

    Guy #2: He (pointing at #1) is corrrect. The Governing Body is not dogmatic like the Vatican, they are truth loving men who act as a guide to us.

    Me: I have to disagree again. I know enough about your organization from my aunt to know that you have to agree with them 100% in regards to their interpretation or else there is consequences.

    Guy #1: Yes, we must have unity

    Guy #2: There are no consequences unless one is bound and determined to spread lies and false teachings.

    Me: So how is that not dogmatic? So what was truth yesterday is now a false teaching?

    Guy #1: How is it? It's not dogmatic, it's keeping the teachings pure.

    Me: But you said the Governing Body does not dictate your beliefs.

    Guy #1: That's true

    Me: How is that? Who dicates them then?

    Guy #1: Well no one (interrupted)

    Guy #2: The Bible dictates our beliefs

    Me: But who decides the ineterpretation?

    Guy #2: Jehovah God does

    Me: And how does he communicate this interpretation?

    Guy #2: Through the Governing Body

    Me: Thats what I said. The Governing Body dictates what you believe

    Guy #1: It's more complicated than that.

    Me: Let me give you an example. My aunt during the 1980's and early 90's told me that the time left was short because the generation that saw the events of 1914 were about to pass away and then the end would come before that happened. I knew from the Bible that the longest a generation could be construed from the Scriptures was 80 years so I asked her "What happens at the end of 1994? That will be 80 years since 1914 and you will have to change your teaching." Well she said that would not happen as it was too crucial a truth to just be discarded. Well 1995 rolls around and sure enough that teaching is changed.

    Guy #2: It was adjusted

    Me: Adjusted, changed, those are just plays on words. Same thing. But my question is did the Bible change or did your Governing Body dicate a new belief.

    Guy #2: They guided us to a new understanding.

    Me: And what if you decided you still were going to hold on to the old one?

    Guy #2: You would be coached and helped to see that the new understanding is what Jehovah wants.

    Me: And if you still persisted in the old belief?

    Guy #2: You may be marked as being rebellious. We as individuals cannot overrule what our Govnerning Body says

    Me: Thats a dictate! Not a guide.

    Guy #2: I guess we'll have to agree to disagree

    Me: Am I a prophet?

    Guy #2: Excuse me?

    Me: I told my aunt several years before 1995 that they were going to have to change their understanding and sure enough that happened, so am I a prophet?

    Guy #2: No sir. You just took a guess

    Me: It wasn't a guess or a prophecy my friend. It was the only logical thing for them to do.

    Guy #2: Well it's been nice talking to you sir. We have limited time to get these invites out so we have to get going.

    Me: Talk again later maybe?

    Guy #1: Maybe sir. Good-bye

    Guy #2: Have a good day sir

    Me: You too. Don't get too hot in those suits or you may feel like your in Gehenna!

    That was met with a suprised look and and increased pace in their walk away from me.

  • mrsjones5

    You sly fox, you. That was great.

  • snowbird



  • undercover

    I'm surprised they stuck around that long.

  • JediMaster

    Nice one!!! Way to go!! Can you do it again but have it taped this time???....

    Jedi Master

  • donny

    I was suprised too that they gave me that much time. Guy #1 pretty much shut up once Guy#2 arrived. The women just stood on a nearby corner and waited for us to finish. They didn't even offer to help their brothers.

  • Quandry

    Very nice.....I'll bet they got a bit suspicious when you siad Gehenna, though.

  • Gayle

    Wow, your quick analytical questioning and their evasive answers reminded of a TV series "Dragnet" with Jack Webb years ago. Was a good investigative series!! Their (JWs) wheels of thinking were refusing to budge but you never know,,maybe there will be a delayed reaction and something starts churning later down the line.

  • serenitynow!

    That experience is so funny, yet so tragic. Did he really say you would be "coached" in order to accept the new understanding?

  • cantleave

    Lets hope they think about what you said. Well done

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