this lurker's first post.

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Glad you broke the ice Smurf.



  • jamiebowers

    Well, aren't you a breath of fresh air! Wonderful name and first few posts...looking forward to hearing more from you. Welcome!

  • dances with smurfs
    dances with smurfs

    So Im thinking about the last meeting I went to, which was the memorial of this year. And before that it was a thursday night CO visit in a friends congregation November of 09. Before that I was pretty regular.

    Eh.... this isnt as much of a fade as a cold turkey. Funny thing is...absolutely no ones noticed!
    I really dont know what to do with myself now. Im thinking college.... ?

    Thankfully I just moved to a bigger city kinda far from most friends and family.
    Im thinking everybody thinks im in another hall. And now that I think of it....I have NO idea where my publisher card is.

    SHRUG! :D

    ...i am a little anxious to know who of my friends and family will still reach out and be friendly and close after it becomes clear where I stand in all of this. and i wondeerrrr.....if i know any of YOU people!

  • flipper

    SMURF- Well, I read intently on your initial thread. If you are a 30 yr.old male - who knows ? You may be my nephew ! LOL ! He stopped attending meetings last year and we rekindled our close relationship as we hadn't talked in 8 years or so. He also is a 3rd generation JW, that's why I was wondering. Just to throw a little interesting coincidences your way ! Now, don't get nervous, everything is fine ! LOL ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dances with smurfs
    dances with smurfs

    no, no... not a 30 year old male. im a 20 something lady =) but thats great! rekindling is always a good thing.

  • flipper

    SMURF- O.K. Well it's still nice to have you here my friend ! Look forward to your takes and posts. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • yknot


    One of the great thing about the internet is the availability of pubs, talks, and all things JW.

    So while you are establishing yourself and new support structure ..... if you need to speak theocratese to your loved ones on recent stuff you can just pop onto JWN and get the latest on goings as if you had heard them at the KH yourself.

  • dgp

    Welcome Dances with Smurfs. A worldly here.

    I like the word "Theocratese".

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