this lurker's first post.

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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    DancesWithSmurfs.........welcome to the board. That name is so funny and definately new name of the year so far. The first post here for an X-JW or Fader is a big step. Hope you enjoy it. Tell us your story when your anxiety attack is over.

    Think About It

  • changeling

    Welcome smurf dancer! Take a deep breath and tell us what brought you here. :)

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Dear Dances with smurfs,

    If you've lurked then you know that the only reason we don't bite, scratch or pull covers (with the exception of shamus, who has supernatural monkey powers to rip off faces) is because we can't reach you. HaHa!

    No,really, we nurse you along if you feel fragile from the long journey from captivity and we wait for you to shout "En garde!"

    Remember, this is where we discuss and DISAGREE!

    O, how wonderful.



  • 5thGeneration
  • Jadeen

    Welcome to the board!

    Best username ever

  • littlebird

    See full size image Nice to have you!

  • Quandry

    Welcome....hope your attack has calmed now!

  • dances with smurfs
    dances with smurfs

    Well howdy-do everybody :D I wasnt expecting such a big welcome.
    I appreciate it! Especially the smurf dance video and all the compliments. I loled. hehe
    What a breath of fresh air. Geez.

    Where can I even begin!?? What exactly is it that you would like to know?

    3rd generation born in. Baptised as a young teen when my dad told me it was "time". Oye.
    I really was and still am sincere in my spirituality, but I just cant lie to myself about it anymore.
    In my opinion, there is no truth about god or spirit realms that anyone can know or prove at this point in time
    so why cant we all just accept that and live our lives? Why try to force it? Why so serious and
    judgemental and nosey and harsh? Thats all I'm screamin over here.
    Things quit making sense or never did, really... I always hated hated hated meetings, service and studying.
    The people were for the most part sincere and nice...except for the handful of judicial commitee brothers
    who were just weird, perverse and incredibly callous. I will never again sit behind closed doors and tell
    some creepy men what goes on in my private life. Ive never in my life been called the names and treated the way
    I was treated in a judicial meeting!!!! Gross. Eh....

    Well... I really dont want to give away too many details. Paranoia.

    I had always had my doubts that I tucked away neatly somewhere but it wasnt until very recently that
    I just quit CARING! The mental/emotionally struggle was waayy too exhausting to keep ignoring my instincts.
    I still struggle with everything of course. I dont want to be labeled apostate and shunned
    forever by all the people Ive ever known and love. I also dont want to strip my family of
    respect and keep lying to them. Its a tricky situation. Im either an apostate or a liar.
    Makes me feel infinitely sad about everytime I used the word apostate in a negative and hateful way. We're just people, yall.

    Well, thankfully Im in a very good situation to fade easily and painlessly. So heres hoping that actually happens. :)

    Thanks for the open arms...

    So much love,


  • VoidEater

    Welcome, smurf.

    It gets easier, and better - that initial shock is nothing more the air finally getting to your lungs...


  • carla

    Welcome! Love the name!

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