Is Proper Worship Important to you?

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  • LongHairGal

    The Finger,

    I am a person who feels that a person does not need to be affiliated with a church or organization in order to worship. It can and should be private. Some may disagree but my experience in the JW religion has made me feel this way.

    The JW religion likes to say that they have 'pure worship'. No offense to the person who created the thread but I feel that the term 'pure worship' or 'proper worship' is a trap that people fall into and knock themselves out wondering if their religion is the one practicing "proper worship" - which leads us to the questions I raised in the previous post plus HOW would you determine which was the right one?

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I'm not really good at explaining things but the pure worship is rendered only because of Christ which we have as being in the new covenant. That's how I see it. Not because of a church.

  • PSacramento

    Is it just me or does wannabe start a thread and then NEVER reply or post on it again ??

  • ldrnomo

    Proper worship?

    Jews, proper worship?

    Muslims, proper worship?

    Hindu's proper worship?

    Catholics, proper worship?

    Baptists, proper worship?

    Jdubs, proper worship?

    Men tell other men what proper worship is and many of those men use the Bible as their standard for proper worship.

    So what is true proper worship?

    I am searching for it and I will keep searching as long as I am alive.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    No. People can worship me however they see fit.

  • ziddina

    "Is proper Worship important to you?..."

    Ahem... Well, it depends on which deity one is worshipping...

    If one is worshipping one of those old Middle-Eastern volcano gods, one needs to supply burnt sacrifices...

    If one is worshipping the Earth Goddess, Gaia - or one of the other Earth Goddesses - one could make a 'sacrifice' of one's time by spending a Saturday - or Sunday - cleaning up a local trail, waterway, wetlands, or park... Or, collect rainwater and add rose petals, and present it to the Goddess at sunrise or sunset with a prayer of thanks or an invocation...

    If one is worshipping the "Green Man", the "Mabon" [if I understand that correctly...], or a Corn King, or Dionysus, or the Horned God, one might make a sacrifice as mentioned above - cleaning up an area of the Earth; but there are other sacrifices that could be made - like beer, wine, mead... There are sacrifices one should make if one is worshipping a Nature God who is also a patron [or patroness, like Athena...] of hunting... To give thanks to the animal for giving up its life that you might eat... To thank the Hunting God for guiding your feet to find the prey, and to make true your aim...

    Yeah, Proper Worship is important, now that you mention it....


  • WTWizard

    Proper worship is important--proper worship to the Devil, that is. That way, when religion tries to pull a scam, Satanic free thinking will cause me to see that the religion is a complete scam. I will also do things that are good for me and/or society but that are banned by the religion without feeling any guilt.

    And, I will remember that Jesus did the same thing. He disobeyed the Jewish leaders, and died trying to set us free from Jehovah.

  • Palimpsest

    Have you tried reading a Bible that has not been tampered with by the jw's?

    If you can find me a single Bible translation that has not been significantly edited, I will give you my entire savings account. There is no such thing as an "untampered" Bible. That is why they are all called "translations" or "editions." If you're going to say that other people have their biased blinders on, you might want to consider your own by reading up on the history of the Bible and how it came together as one collection. Even the most conservative Christian scholars agree that the Bible as we know it is the creation of man, regardless of how they believe the stories themselves originated. Centuries of dozens of different versions of each book circulating around, being edited at will by perhaps thousands of men, compilers picking and choosing which books to never existed as one book until generations after Jesus, and there's never been one agreed-upon definition of what constitutes the Bible.

    You can criticize the WTBTS version of it for its translation "errors" and willful changes, but to suggest that others are any closer to "correct" is a bit silly.

  • agonus

    To me the phrase "Proper Worship" is just as meaningless as the term "False Religion". (Or True Religion for that matter)

  • wannabe


    I'm aware that the NWT has been skillfully doctored to suit and not the greatest Bible Translation to use. But you name the Bible today that hasn't been corrupted. It's a matter of which corruption do you choose to use. They have all been tampered with in one way or another. The only reason I use the NWT is because of the modern English. I did quite a bit of investigating into the New World TRanslation, and what I learned about how much tampering they have done almost blew me away. That Bible is skillfully arranged to suit their interpretations of the year 1914. I compared it with eighteen other Bible translations, and when you do that, you really get the surprise of your life. I used to think it was one of the better translations, but when I learned what those Bible Translators were doing I soon changed my mind. But I only use it for lack of anything better. If I ever do find one worded in such way as I understand it clearly I'll switch over. For now I'll just bump along and use the NWT. Wannabe

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