Homosexuality is a Sin. Beleive me, you'll want to see this!

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    Suddenly I'm hungry for some ice cream.

  • M*A*S*H

    If you guys disagree with the chappy in the video, you are, like, totally gay. 'Straight' up. Remember if you're gay, there must be a reason for it - just get over it, like, walk it off or something. Stop killing the sperm, it's nasty.

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    Suddenly I'm hungry for some ice cream.

    Chocolate or vanilla?

  • joelingeorgia

    no one could have possibly wanted to ungay themself more than I did. I stayed a virgin until I was 30 and dated sisters for all that time. I prayed. I sought the assistance of several different elders who were very supportive of my desire to change. I went to Bethel and tried to work it out of me. I prayed every night for Jehovah to make me straight.

    i've met 1000s of gay men in my life in all types of circumstances. I've not met one yet who didn't try in some way for some time to become straight. it is simply easier to be straight for most people.

  • shamus100

    Um Shamus, some of us do hang at bath houses, some of us do smoke meth and have addiction problems, some of us do screw anything with a pulse? And if we do one, two, all of that or neither it shouldn't matter; we're just talking about being a homo, not what type of person said homo is. If you're a suburban 'I'm just like my striaght guy guys in hat I'm not getting any either' variety fag, that's okay but srsly come off your high horse, dahling.

    I, personally don't screw anything with a pulse, do drugs, or lead some kind of ultra feminine lifestyle. If that's what you're all about, you're free to do it. I, personally find it rather repugnant. My point being that everyone is different, and most homophobes throw us all in with the aformentioned 'type'. I'm not interested in being a social misfit anymore - I was a jehovahs witness for quite a while, and praying the gay away didn't work. ;) Live and let live is my motto. And I don't expect everyone to accept me, just tolerate me.

  • garyneal

    Okay, I've been away from this thread for five days now and I feel like I at least need to say something to give it some closure (at least in my mind).


    What kind of 'lifestyle' would you enjoy me changing?

    Who says I wanted you to change your lifestyle? I've known you were gay for a while. If I were truly that homophobic and expected you to change, I think I would've said something to you before now.


    Your comments are the most well thought out and I respect your choices along with the choices of others who decided to accept themselves for who they are. As I've said before, be true to yourself.

    I understand trying to repress feelings deep inside can be detrimental. While I agree that sexual urges are best channeled inside a marriage, this presents a dilema for homosexuals in the US who cannot legally marry in most states. That, coupled with the general belief that homosexuality is a sin within the Christian religion as a whole and it creates a prison for these individuals. Perhaps mindmelda can enlighten us on her assertion about the Bible not really condemning homosexuality in the Greek passages.

    This of course brings us to the next point that was made by JWoods:

    That can only be true if it is totally a matter of choice. I personally do not think this is an optional matter of choice for the vast majority of homosexuals - no more than what your gender is for heterosexuals.

    I take it you are talking about the innate nature of a homosexual. Yes, as a heterosexual, I cannot just see myself changing to a homosexual at the flip of a switch but I believe our environment also has some influence. How much of it is environment and how much of it is instinct is difficult to say and I would think would amongst individuals.

    On another front though, our culture (in many parts of America at least) certainly makes it hard for homosexuals to be themselves and because of that, it makes me wonder how many homosexuals who 'heal themselves,' like the guy in the video, would feel as inclined to do so if we all live in a more opened and more tolerant society.

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    Thanks Gary. Best wishes.

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    Marked so I can watch it later. Youtube vids are blocked at my work.

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