Homosexuality is a Sin. Beleive me, you'll want to see this!

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  • noni1974

    You can't pray the gay away.

  • GromitSK

    Out Our you deeemon of homosssessxxuality LMAO

  • Norcal_Sun

    That guy may not have sex with men anymore... but boy is he still gay.

  • steve2

    One of my school friends who was openly gay from age 11 converted to a fundamentalist "Christ serving" church in his early 20s. He married a young woman a few years later and they had two kids. At age 35, hehad a relapse - sorry, I mean an affair with a male colleague over a period of 3 months. He felt so bad about it that he confessed. Hiswife booted him out and forbade him to have any contact with his children. He went to the pastor who tried to rebuke the sin of homosexuality out of him. He started to self-harm by cutting himself.

    In the meantime, his wife's parents questioned his children about his behavior towards them and they became convinced he had behaved indecently around them. There was no evidence that he had ever done so but his parents equated homosexuality with pedophilia. Funnily enough, they had ealrier been proud to parade him around the local Christian community as a born again heterosexual.

    He approached me in a state of spiritual turmoil and I did my best to refer him to non-Christian-based counselling services but he declined. He became inconsolable and eventually killed himself. I heard later that his wife blamed mental health services for confusing him. I was outraged because the poor guy wouldn't go near them for fear of "Satanic influence". It was his Christian fundamentalist beliefs that convinced him he was "cured" of homosexuality. He was not. He had lived a Christian lie which had directly contributed to his death.

    We never hear about the tragic conversions to Christianity only the glossy "success" stories. Stay tuned. The Chrisitan on the video will probably have a relapse real soon but it'll be neatly brsuhed under the carpet just like my school friend was.

  • Leolaia

    What a sad story. Thanks for sharing.

  • garyneal

    To each his own I suppose but it works for those who really want it to.

  • garyneal
    You can't pray the gay away.

    I think people can do whatever they set their minds to do.

  • garyneal


    That is a very sad story indeed. I never took too kindly to religious zealots who blame everything on 'da demonz.' I hope the guy in the video and his wife and family have a happy life though I will admit that that woman he married is braver than many hetero women out there.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    MS, Thanks for making me spit water all over my keyboard.

    I live to serve.

    Enjoy your new keyboard.

  • mindmelda

    Reminds me of the episode of South Park about the "Christian" camp to "ungay" kids...poor Butters!

    The sad thing is that all those scriptures they think condemn homosexuality, don't.

    Too bad none of these fundies actually study the Bible in depth and read biased and inadequate translations.

    That word in Greek...it does not mean what they think it means. :(

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