GB's response to rising Memorial partakers

by 5thGeneration 42 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Titus

    Dear GB,

    if it is Jehovah's Business, then let it be Jehovah's Business! When you don't know to explain something, then it is Jehovah's Business! Then stop to speak about that and to write articles about that! It is Jehovah's Business, not your! We are sick of your fucking bullshits! We - active R&F Jehovah's Witnesses, not evil apostates on this forum! Watch your business, preach the word in Brooklyn and Bronx, and leave Jehovah God to care for his business! Are you afraid to go there? Pray more to get the spirit of courage! That's your bussines, as long as you live there! That's your teritory! Please, think about that!

    Your faithful follower,


  • jehovahsheep

    how about the wts society and jws are a false religion? perhaps god is finaly exposing them.

  • bigmac

    errr, we discussed on a previous thread that various factors about the 144,000 are symbolic: virgin men from the tribes of israel--whatever--

    suppose geebee get even newer light & see the 144,000 number itself is symbolic--then surely all who wish to partake can do so--

    say 7 million or so---

    problem then is they're all equal---no 2 tier system

    did i read somewhere we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord?

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