Generation 'New Light' is Actually Working

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney



  • ziddina

    Heh, what VM44 said: " Furthermore, suppose the grandparents lived through World War II, could anyone reasonably claim that the grandchildren also were of the same generation that saw the War?..."

    Do you know of ANY real historian who would refer to a "generation" in this manner??

    Hell, NO. In fact, most historians refer to a "generation" in a manner similar to this - 'the generation of World War I...' 'The generation of WWII...' 'The generation of the Korean War...' 'The Vietnam Generation...' 'The "Desert Storm" generation...'

    In other words, most generations nowadays are marked by a major event - usually a war - in which the young and strong participate. By the time that group have aged past their prime, another 'generation' has arisen to replace them...

    There was the "Baby Boom" generation - born 1940's to 1950's. Then there was the "Gen X'ers", born in the 1960's and reaching their prime during the 1980's... Then there was "Gen Y", and "Gen Z".

    Only in the LaLa land of the WTBTS would a "generation" be around 100 years, instead of approximately 20 years or so...


  • TD

    I still don't know how they can break the pattern with the primary (typical) fulfillment this thorougly without having members call BS en masse

    Has the concept of dual fulfillment been around for so long that JW's no longer understand the precepts behind it?

  • jambon1

    What an absolutely bizzare set up this is.

    The WTS actually redefines the meaning of a word & in addition throws in another 'adjustment' to the generation teaching & the witnesses all swallow it with smiles on their faces?

  • elderelite
    I still don't know how they can break the pattern with the primary (typical) fulfillment this thorougly without having members call BS en masse
    Has the concept of dual fulfillment been around for so long that JW's no longer understand the precepts behind it?

    YES! I had a long discussion about this with another elder on my body a few days ago. first I asked him what he though about the generation teaching. He said he agreed with it and it made sense to him. Come to find out he didn't know the "new" teaching" and was still stuck on the "wicked generation" teaching. Hows that for keeping up with the chariot. In any event he read the two paragraph explanation and decided it made perfect sense. When questioned on how that could work, he twisted and turned every which way. I kept pinning him down, asking a question similar to one vm44 was asking, how could people 50 years apart in age be of "the same generation". He of course had no answer on that. He then tried to say that everyone who sees an event could be said to be of the same generation, i.e. everyone who saw the first space shuttle launch could be said to be of the space shuttle generation. OK fair enough. but according to the WT new definition, everyone who is part of this "new generation' teaching DIDNT HAVE TO SEE 1914, they just had to OVERLAP with someone who saw it. Pure stupid. He ultimately agreed but didnt quite. he threw out some more nonsense to which I finally asked what TD was referencing. I asked how that could possibly apply to the first century. He said..."what?" Yea, how could that possibly apply to the first century. Jesus was giving an indication to the first century Christians about the destruction of Jerusalem. How does "overlapping generations" apply there...? and pointed out that ultimately it didn't apply since the destruction came within less than 40 years, a time frame anyone could agree is within a generation. and they all saw ALL of the events, not in overlapping generations. His best answer was "we will have to wait on clarification from Jehovah". Dude, this IS clarification. The fifth time. and he didn't even think of nor was he bothered by the lack of a first century application or the complete and lack of scripture to back any of this mess up.

    Its sad to see someone I really respect and think is otherwise very smart get so caught up that he falls back on waiting for re clarification of the clarification. Is this how brain dead I was? How bad is it when elder, who are supposed to be teachers, let themselves be numbed like this. But to answer the question...

    oh yes its working. And working well.

  • designs


    'Waiting on clarification from Jehovah' that says it all doesn't it, throw the game back in God's lap who apparently is making it up as time goes on.

    From the Vatican to Calvin to Brooklyn, people need their opiates.

  • DaCheech

    I don't believe in this gobblegook, but jesus was plainly referring to the destruction of jerusalem in the 1st century.

    does it take a genius to figure it out?

    these gubberning bloody's make us all look like geniuses

  • blondie

    I saw people step in line to accept the change in 1995, taking away the 1914 generation of long standing. People either bought into it, didn't understand it and were afraid to admit (emperor's new clothes syndrome), or did understand and were afraid to leave. A few people left over this issue but I only heard about them on JWN.

    I figured I had believed the old idea anyway and had warned my hubbie that as 1994 approached a new idea would have to be taught. I should have left then, but I wasn't ready.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It was the 1995 change that convinced me that the GB doesn't have any special insight from God. I stayed, too, figuring God would straighten things out.

    I still think God will straighten things out for the Borg but not remotely in the way the rank and file think he will.

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