sex offender wants chaperone to kh

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  • nelly136
    nelly136 associated press CONCORD, N.H. — A New Hampshire sex offender is asking the state's highest court to allow him to go to church with a chaperone.

    The case of 35-year-old Jonathan Perfetto of Manchester marks the first time the New Hampshire Supreme Court is being asked to rule on whether a probation condition that effectively bars church attendance violates a person's constitutional rights to religious freedom.

    Perfetto was convicted in 2002 of possessing child pornography. A condition of his probation is that he have no contact with children. A lower court denied Perfetto's request to attend Jehovah's Witnesses services with a church elder acting as a chaperone.

    The New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union and Perfetto maintain the chaperone would eliminate any risk to children. The state says public safety trumps Perfetto's religious rights.

  • mrsjones5

    Sounds like the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union has it's collective head up it's arse. Someone needs to enlighten those folks.

  • NeonMadman

    So are we to understand that the court order for him to 'have no contact with children' actually prohibits him from being in any public gathering where children might be present? Can he go to a movie? To a park? A restaurant? How about for a walk? Is he supposed to stay in his house alone all the time because he might accidentally encounter a child if he goes out somewhere? That seems to me to be an unreasonably broad interpretation of the order. Of course, if he were in jail, he wouldn't be able to do those things (though there would still likely be a provision for him to attend religious services if he wanted). But the court seems to have decided that he isn't dangerous enough to need to be locked up - that's why he was granted probation.

    Also, it doesn't seem unreasonable that going to a religious meeting with a chaperone might be a way for him to be able to still have a spiritual life (though I would question his choice of religion and would be seriously skeptical about a JW elder as the choice of chaperone). In principle, however, he should not have to give up his religious freedom completely because he has been convicted of a sex offense, though effective measures should be taken to assure that he does not have an opportunity to interact with children in a way that violates his court order.

    With as little regard as I normally have for the ACLU and its daughters, I'm not sure the NHCLU is so far off the beam on this one.

  • trueblue

    Just testing, if I can get photos fro photobucket...

  • truthseekeriam
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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    This guy is afraid he will reoffend. That's reason enough to find him a place where they can watch him. What about a civil commitment? The Sexual Predator thing where they place them into a nut house?

  • trueblue
  • sherah

    This nut didn't complete any of the mental health and sex offender treatment conditions of his sentence. He has numerous arrests for the sexual assaults against women and children and he himself thinks that he will re-offend. I'm riding with the NH Supreme Court on this. Even moreso given the JW being a shelter for molesters.

  • truthseekeriam

    Scary to even imagine how many of these creeps are being "chaperoned" in the KH's.

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