sex offender wants chaperone to kh

by nelly136 45 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Snoozy

    This is where he went after prison in 2008, someone commented in one of the articles that he had served his sentence and was a completely free man but had to register within a certain amount of time..yet the new one says he is on probation? He was in and out of prison so the dates are confusing.

    Note he was living just a few blocks from a school in a rooming house..another pedophile also lives there. He denied knowing the school was so close but later said he walks around the block so he doesn't have to go by the school...I swear some people don't have a clue and ignore the obvious.. let the nut loose, let him live by a school...

    Well one good thing, he isn't giving Jehovah's Witnesses a good reputation... Maybe the public will catch that and go Hummmm?

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Given the way he looks, any adult who entrusted their child around him would have to be nuts anyway!

  • sherah

    He maxed out his prison sentence, had to serve the full seven years without parole because of infractions while in the pen. He received a second sentence, which was suspended and will continue as a suspended sentence as long as he maintains good behavior while out and reports to his local authorities as a sex offender. This is usually a lifetime requirement. Annually, he has to report his home & work address. Failure to do so is a mandatory jail sentence.

    Also, his original sentence and suspended sentence probably included a lifetime stipulation to stay away from kids, schools etc.

    Damn arrogant of the dubs to think that they can change someone like this.

  • avishai

    Just shoot the bastard.

  • truthseekeriam

    Exactly Sherah,

    They can't, once they realize that... more children have already become victims

    Too high of a price to pay in my opinion.

  • Scully

    He's the kind of person who should only be able to access religious services via telephone hookup.

  • nelly136

    **He's the kind of person who should only be able to access religious services via telephone hookup.**

    good thought scully, espeially as so many kh's seem to have those now. bettings are no ones thought to tell the court they exist though.

  • finallyfree!

    The "wtbs" should not even consider letting an elder "chaperone" a convicted sex offender to the kh! They're quick to toss out their own family and friends because they don't "believe" yet they await with arms wide open for pedophiles and other sick perverts. Makes no sense???!

  • SirNose586
    Just shoot the bastard.

    I like that idea. This creepy, ugly stain on humanity has been given way too many chances to straighten up and fly right.

  • nelly136

    most of his offences seem to be on adults and he admits to assaulting someone in prison (think theres a reasonable chance that was a male?), would kh insurance cover an elder chaperone if an invited serial sexual offender assaulted him while being escorted to the toilet?

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