sex offender wants chaperone to kh

by nelly136 45 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    What a messed up fuk. This has trouble written all over it. They need to neuter this nut quick.

    Think About It

  • finallyfree!

    I hope the system will deliver justice on this one!! We all know that repeat sexual child molesters are sick in the head, its like trying to "rehabilitate" a straight man into a gay man (no offence to either side :) it aint gonna happen cause its their sick twisted preference! And the jws shouldn't have even considered letting a literal wolf into the flock of innocent young children!! Just goes to show their real colors! Sickos! They don't know that the biggest pleasure for a child molester is more a mental thrill than anything!

  • Quandry

    As they say in the South, "He ain't right."

  • Snoozy

    Neutering doesn't help they isn't about the sex. Same as a rapist. The sick desire is still there. They would find a hurt...

    I read one time that they had or had considered putting them all on a island with no access to other lands. Nothing but pedophiles and rapists..let them live among themselves and away from society. Sounds like the best and only way to handle them.

    I did see a 20/20 special where they put a guy way out in the desert and put a monitor on his ankle..he could go nowhere..Pedophile camps..that's another good idea..put them where the only person they can hurt is themselves. They usually admit they have no won't work as someone already pointed out.

  • nelly136
    nelly136 must be older case than i originally thought, according to this report he'd moved to manchester, how long does parole tend to last for? October 31, 2008 article tools

    The repeat sex offender who'd spent the last several days living in Concord parking garages has moved to more permanent housing in Manchester.

    Jonathan Perfetto, 34, had been squatting in two parking garages in Concord since his release from the state prison last week. He was spending his days in the city library and city hall. The reason, he said, was because he left prison with no money.

    Perfetto left prison last week after serving 3½ to 7 years for 61 counts of possession of child pornography. Before that conviction, Perfetto had been arrested numerous times for sexually assaulting children and adults, he said.

    Perfetto's arrival in the city concerned the police because Perfetto never completed sex offender treatment during his prison stay and admitted he was concerned that he would reoffend. Additionally, Perfetto is not under parole supervision, because he never won parole during his stay. His bad behavior in the prison caused him to serve all seven years of his sentence, but once he served the entire sentence, prison officials had to let him go.

    Perfetto was not eligible to stay in a New Hampshire homeless shelter, because of his criminal convictions. Yesterday, he found a place to rent in Manchester.

    Concord Police Chief Robert Barry quietly alerted downtown child-care facilities and city employees of Perfetto's presence and shared with them his criminal convictions. Barry, however, chose not to alert the community publicly, through the media, because Perfetto had not broken any laws and had not reoffended.

    Concord has close to 160 sex offenders registered with the police department. Rather than focus only on Perfetto, Barry urged residents to be generally aware of their surroundings and any of the many sex offenders and ex-convicts who live in the city.

    The address of any registered sex offender can be found through the sex offender registry at the state's website at

  • flipper

    And you can add that the elders in whatever congegation he is attending will NOT inform parents of his seedy past either, thus endangering even MORE children. What a tool this guy is. Fear for the children with this guy on the lose

  • Snoozy

    I still think the island for pedophiles is a great idea..

    the other choices were:
    RE: state of California givng pedophiles three choices:
    1) They could leave California permanently (Shove problem off on someone else)
    2) They could live on Pedophile Island forever (great choice)
    3) Remain in Prison for life (At a cost of over $200,000. per year to taxpayers)

    Which idea sounds like the wisest choice to you?
    On the island they would be little or no cost to taxpayers.


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    It's scary that he lives at parking garages. Easy secluded access to children and women. Not good.

    How can this guy not be DF'd? If DF'd, why would a JW elder even agree to take this guy to meetings?

    Think About It

  • nelly136
    nelly136 theres something screwy about the dates of the reports, associated press

    says 7 hours ago but theres discussions about this from 2 years ago on another forum.

    so does that mean paroles finished now?

  • truthseekeriam

    The first story is the recent on where he is trying to be allowed to go to the KH even though it's a condition of his release to not be around children. The other articles are from 2008 when he was released from prison I believe.

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