Adults with imaginary friends are stupid.

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  • StAnn

    AIW, you act as if everyone is being mean to you when the whole point of this thread, which you started, was to call all of us stupid for befriending people on here, saying that our friendships are imaginary. Then you say people are being mean to you? Just this topic alone is mean and disrespectful to every member of this board.

    And now you're "talking to a human being." If posting on this board for you is talking to a human being, why is it that for everyone else here it's just stupid adults with imaginary friends?

    Such a double standard. Do you ever read what you write?


  • crapola

    Akice, what I can't understand is why you are on an apostate website to begin with. I was a JW for nearly 50 years and I would have NEVER even thought of reading this stuff. I'm not downing you or the Witnesses. My mother and sister and many other family members are still in. But if I were still in the org. there's no way I'd be here. Just my observation. No offense intended.

  • palmtree67

    If you don't see the irony of "holding them in high esteem" VS. disobeying their direct orders to not be on this site......


    Good night....and BIG BALLS!!!!!

  • shamus100

    You'll never win with psychosis, friends. It's hard to understand what they are thinking, but that movie A Beautiful Mind was a real eye opener, IMO.


    To those who condemn Jehovah's Witnesses for “shunning” and then condemn them for not shunning, you can't have it both ways. This is just another attempt to dehumanize a person and make them harshly judgmental and robotic. JWs are not robots that “obey orders.” They also are influenced by human emotions, whether good or bad.

  • transhuman68

    AIW, you hold the WTS in high esteem, and you let threads that you start be derailed & go totally off-topic without seeming to care, this would indicate you have very low self-esteem or not much personal integrity. You may need to work on this.

  • StAnn

    Alice Rachel, please respond to my post #2598.

    Shamus, A Beautiful Mind just pissed me off. I've worked with so many schizophrenics in my life and none of them could be said to have a beautiful mind. Sometimes schizophrenia goes into spontaneous remission, such as with Nash, but it's not to the credit of the individual. It's random. I felt it was insulting to those who had to suffer for the rest of their lives, whose schizophrenia did not go into remission. Nash was just lucky.


  • John Doe
    John Doe
    I felt it was insulting to those who had to suffer for the rest of their lives, whose schizophrenia did not go into remission. Nash was just lucky.

    How do you know this? I loved that movie. I think it's insulting to people with mental problems to tell them they have absolutely not control over their lives and if they get better, it's because of luck.

  • shamus100

    I never really thought of it, StAan,

    A close family friend has it, and she's in the hospital now for life. She's completely finished... the poor thing. I was always under the understanding it was because she stopped taking her meds and had a crash, but truthfully, I haven't delved too much into it. :( Poor woman.

    I worked with adults with developmental disabilities with behaviors. It was interesting to say the least, but fairly rewarding too in it's own way. We kept them out of institutions to their benefit.

    What does this person have? Who knows, but you can tell that the kool-aid isn't stirring itself. But again, trust me, I'm not playing doctor here.

  • GLTirebiter
    You can trash the name of the organization I hold in high-esteem

    Please review your first new thread, the one begun with your post #3. I'd say we are on an equal footing when it comes to talking trash about organizations.

    On the subject of talk and equal blame...

    You were right, a while ago I did single you out for rough language when there were many others who were equally to blame. I was out of line to call out only one person from that mob. I offer you my apology for doing so.

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