I will write down questions and start asking JW's for answers.

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  • Titus



    He is here only 3 months, and you will answer him anything he asks. I asked some questions dozens of times, and nobody gave me any answer! Nobody even noticed that!


  • AudeSapere
    XPeterX wrote: Done it.53 questions and maybe more.

    I'm really very interested to know the 53 questions and looking forward to their answers. I hope you will share them with us as you receive them.

    Even if just to present the questions and let board members respond to the same ones.

    Could be a fun and enlightening project.


  • XPeterX

    All these questions can be found in previous threads that I started.Gonna post the answers once I have them

  • Titus

    OK. I thought you will ask JWs on this forum, and they will answer you.

    JWs never want to talk with me here, although I am active witness, have 4 Bible Studies, and serve as MS. They always shun me as the worst apostate are to be shunned. That's why I overreacted this time.

    Peace out!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    If you ask more than one question they just ID you as an apostate and use that as an excuse to not put any serious effort into thinking about, or answering, any of the questions.

    They have been teaching you not to listen to opposing talk for your whole life.

    Why do you think that your JWs weren't listening every time the WT told you that?

    She only said: "This is the truth" without saying anything else.

    If you ask too many questions, or ask in a manner that is confrontational, that is an expected answer. They have others that you will like even less.

    You have to take into account the psychology of the cult before you ask ONE question.



  • sacolton

    You won't get a satisfactory answer. I asked some questions to my born-in ex-brother in law and he took the pages and said he'd research it ... that was three years ago. Never heard back.

  • pirata

    Titus, let's talk What is your question?

  • XPeterX

    Well I WILL get satisfactory answers and they know that I will do ANYTHING to achive it.And YES I will ask a lot of questions.

  • isaacaustin

    Saco, perhaps you need to increase your field service time as well as study the WT more. That should help your doubts go away! ROFL

  • djeggnog

    Back during the week of January 11-17, 2010, the article you mention here, "Treasure Your Place in the Congregation," was studied in all of the congregations worldwide, but I'm sure that there were told that read paragraph 13-15, and didn't understand what was being suggested. Even though you may by now have forgotten the contents of this article [w09 11/15, pp. 13-17, I'm going to speak to just two (2) points here and stop:


    In paragraph 13, sisters were encouraged to have a more active share in the disciple-making work, after having also mentioned in paragraph 8 how two siblings took different paths after completing high school, one had decided to reach out and became a regular pioneer while her sister decided to get a full-time job to make the point that "each did what she wanted to do." It then went on to ask the question: "Is that not true with most of us?" I'm sure many people didn't get the sense of this question, but the point being made is that one must do what he or she decides to do, and not do what some influential brother or sister in the congregation, even your own parents, should decide for you.


    In paragraph 14 and 15, in pursuing their responsibilities as Christian woman and wives, they can be just as helpful to the congregation as those taking the lead in winning unbelievers over to Christ when it comes to things like chasteness and goodness, that they might not, by their manner of dress and by the things they do or that any children in their care do, cause the word of God to be spoken of abusively by folks on the outside. I have conveniently uploaded the slightly-edited script from the 1975 drama portrayed during the Divine Sovereignty District Convention, entitled "That the Word of God May Not Be Spoken of Abusively," which will serve to make my second point.


    While all of the convention dramas always contain elements in them that entertain, the parts I've highlighted in yellow in the script have spiritual significance that in our sexist and ultra-sensitive world supposedly spiritual-minded men and women (all of them imperfect and some even taking the lead!) typically will miss when discussing such dramas that climax our conventions when the lights go down and folks return to their home congregations to discuss the new releases they might courageously and obediently offer to the neighbors, but never seem to find the time to read (let alone study!) themselves. (A very long sentence, huh? <g>)

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