I will write down questions and start asking JW's for answers.

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  • JWoods
    But what happens if they ask me "how did you come up with these questions?"(classic way to avoid answering them) or "do u visit apostate websites/do you talk with apostates?"?

    Just be as honest with them as you are with us here -

  • isaacaustin


    I woul tell them you are trying to prove to yourself that this is the truth and thought deeply on these issues and have some questions. Do not let them sidetrack you on how you got these questions. You need answers.

  • superpunk

    Ask them why they would start a troll thread like this;


    and then ignore people's responses and turn around and start a troll thread like this?

  • isaacaustin

    this sort of mirrors a previous poster here: Angel Eyes

  • serenitynow!

    "how did you come up with these questions?"

    They won't ask you, they'll just assume you got it from the internet. That is why I like to point them to things in their own lit. When I had a problem with the Nov 15 WT, I said to my mom that I was reading it and took issue with some things. She still accused me of getting my viewpoint from the net. They refuse to see that a person can come up with thoughts, views, and questions w/out help.

  • yknot

    Be careful to appear accepting their responses so you don't get accused of having an 'independent spirit'.

    Perhpas start reading 'The Finished Mystery'

    ... This one is the 1918 edition but has the 1917 edition cut-pages at the end of the PDF..... (or check your KH library-- you may have an 'uncut' FM!)


    Heck why not just start reading all of the past pubs......I don't think the WTS ever rescinded the whole 'bobbing a gal's hair leads to baldness' from Nov 19,1924 Golden Age.

    http://www.archive.org/details/1924TheGoldenAgeMagazine (pg 734).... you can either read it online or download!

  • not a captive
    not a captive


    Why was it okay for Abraham to question Jehovah, but no one can question the GB?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    In the Bible Reading this past week, why did Jehovah slaughter thousands of innocent people after David took a census? Where did Jehovah ever warn that it would be wrong to take a census? Why did Jehovah slaughter thousands of innocent people instead of punising David? Why do the details of the account differ from what is recorded in Chronicles?

    Why does Watchtower accept a Bible canon that was essentially selected by the Catholic Church and protestantism? Why has the NWT added the name "Jehovah" to the NT in far more places than where the name was ever in the original text or quoted from OT texts?

    How can 144000 be taken literally when hundreds of thousands of Christians were martyred in the early centuries and over 144000 have claimed to be "anointed" since Chuck Russell started spouting "present truth"?

  • XPeterX

    Done it.53 questions and maybe more.I asked mom and she couldn't answer.She only said: "This is the truth" without saying anything else.Let's see what happens once I ask the bro who studies with me.If he can't then I will ask the elders.If the elders can't either I will ask the CO and if he won't answer I will send a letter to Bethel (Such is my desire to find answer for that is what i seek).I set rules as a prologue:a)Use the Bible to answer.b)Don't change topic.c)And answer DIRECTLY.d)I want the answer well written.

  • yknot

    Did you ask them to give you the proper WTS definition of what exactly is the 'troof'?

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