Flirting - WT style (Sept 15 WT)

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  • wasastar

    I think you have it all wrong. He is a worldly married man on the prowl. She cannot be a worldly girl because there is no cleavage. She is a poor innocent and naive witness girl about to be taken advantage of by a handsome smooth talking married man. If only she wouldn't respond to his cheesy smile. Poor girl, now a child out of wedlock and probably a life of prostitution.


  • serenitynow!

    Wasastar I did not think of that. I was programmed to see the woman as the aggressor- home wrecker.

  • flipper

    UNDERCOVER- Good thread, interesting info, thanks for posting. I think Snowbird had it right on pg. 1 when she said the WT society does not trust the goodness within JW's. They think that everybody is running around with their pants or skirt down waiting to hump each other ! Like a barnyard full of horny roosters and chickens or something !!

    It's ridiculous. Maybe it's projection of how the GB thinks and what THEY would do in a flirting situation- so they think EVERY JW would do it too. It's this same mentality that makes them write articles on a boy and girl or man and a woman cannot be platonic friends without boinking each other. It's this same mentality that causes them to make insane rules about a brother never driving alone out in service with someone who is not his wife. Even if he is a brother in his 20's and she's a shriveled up sister in her 80's. They have no faith in JW members because they think that they are all sinners and evil from birth. Just crazy reasoning

  • MrFreeze

    Maybe the GB has watched too much Cinemax at 2 am. They think every time a male and a female get together they are gonna go all hardcore on one other all while cheesy music plays in the background.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Good point MrFreeze. Only in porn are people always prepared to hit it at a moment's notice.

  • hamsterbait

    SNOWIE -

    ADMIT it Girl, you are just desperate for a furry Hammy to come into your life....

    On this board I have found LURVE.


  • serendipity

    I wonder if this is why my JW coworker has stopped coming by my office to chat.

  • dinah

    JW flirting boils down to

    Boy: "I'd seriosouly like to F your brains out. Marry me?"

    Girl: "Yes, but I hate sex. It's been so demonized. You'll just have to understand dear because the Wedding Talk they give will make us feel gulty about getting any pleasure out of it anyway."

  • snowbird
    SNOWIE -
    ADMIT it Girl, you are just desperate for a furry Hammy to come into your life....
    On this board I have found LURVE.

    I didn't start this thread, Hammy.

    I started this one:


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