I'd like to know who you were before you were baptized a JW? Were you raised a JW? What religion or denomination of Christianity did you profess before you became a JW.

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  • sacolton

    Raised Methodist. Married into the Jehovah's Witness sect. Held it out for 10 years before I couldn't stomach it anymore.

  • misguided

    Born in

    3rd generation

    Baptized at 16. Felt pressured into doing it. Didn't research the org myself beforehand, but always felt something wasn't quite right.

    DF'd in 2002

    Last memorial 2003 was my last ever meeting. I knew when I walked out the doors I would never go back

    Started researching and finally escaped the mind control


  • SlipnSlide

    I was raised as a JW in training. My mother was studying and my stepfather was disfellowship when they met. My mother did not act like a tyrant in regards to the "truth". She let me make my own decisions about it. I fell under the WT bull****. My congregation was just making up rules. The last ridiculous thing that I heard was a few months back, It was announced from the platform that we should be discouraged from holding hands while in prayer or showing any visible means of affection to our spouses as not to stumble others. You could say that this helped me to decide that those directives that we have been receiving from the Gubbering Body an FDS has become more restrictive. I'm a grown A** woman and to have someone telling me what to do in my own home is borderline Big Brother. I refuse to be a robot and believe what some man made organization declares as something "coming from Jehovah". If they were to pay attention to the flock, they would see who has not been to the meetings, ect. The only time I hear from the brothers would be to get "my time" for the month. Oh, and the CO's visit is this week an one of those "very concerned" brothers told my husband that I needed to know that the "CO is visiting this week". I went, so and now what?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I was raised a JW. I was a naive teenager and figured my family had carefully researched the truth. It turns out that the only research was done using Botchtower Corp. publications. In those days, it would he difficult to research anything. Once the Interwebs came along, research is more easily done. Which I did. Now I know better.

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