I'd like to know who you were before you were baptized a JW? Were you raised a JW? What religion or denomination of Christianity did you profess before you became a JW.

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  • JimmyPage

    My Mom was a Baptist. My Grandfather was into philosophy and science- one smart man.

    My Dad didn't know what the hell he was so a cult figured it out for him and told him what he should be.

    As for me, I was born into the sickness.

  • sooner7nc

    born in

    baptised 17

    got out for good last year at 38

    I'm finally getting happy.

  • aquagirl

    born in.Baptised at 11 caus Armageddon was coming in a few years)1975) and We didnt want to wait till the last minute(6 years).Left as soon as I got my drivers license at 15,df'd at 31...In a state of freedom and bliss since.Well,more or less.

  • freeflyingfaerie

    born under the spell..

    raised under the spell..

    married under the spell..

    divorced under the spell..

    ...walked out of the kingdom hell and onto a new pathe of self-discovery and a journey in which i'm fine with not knowing whats just around the corner, just aware of the present sounds good to me..

  • yknot

    Mom converted before I was born.

    I knew a lot about our beliefs from 70s-onward and some of our history from listening to older ones (most born early 1900s).

    Sold 'imperfection' and 'wait on Jah' was pounded into my head by later Elders who feared my previous Elders encouragement for me to 'run-ahead'.

    I believed, I had little reason not to believe...... (had I not accidently clicked on JWN I would still believe.....)

  • noni1974

    Born in. 4 Generations of JW's om my mothers side and 3 on my fathers side. My father was a convert. His father converted to marry a JW lady he was cheating on my grandmother with after my father had been baptized and married my mother.

    I never looked into the religion at all. It was just normal for my family. I got baptized at 19 due to pressure because my little sister was going to do it. I was a non believer even then. I Da ed at 23.

  • Caedes

    Born in, though my dad was an UBM. Parent were divorced before I got to school, mum then married a witness.

    I got out of there as quickly as my little legs would carry me. Never baptised (thank Darwin) never believed.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Raised as a JW from 10.

    Baptized at 18,

    didnt question ANYTHING didnt research ANYTHING

    stopped in 1998

    DF in 2000

  • mentallyfree31

    My parents were Baptists. I was 5 when they started studying and got baptized at 11.


  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    Born in. My grandmother became a JW in the early 50s and my mother converted my

    father, if you want to call it that. He's one of those half in half out hanger-ongers even

    after 40 years hasn't made a MS. My older sister was nuts and got baptized at 16. I knew

    from as early as about five that as soon as I was old enough to leave I would, and I did.

    I never bought into the BS. Had some pretty good friends though. Still have one who's

    still a JW but we don't talk shop....

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