Bible-Believing Christians Who Don't Murder Disobedient or Alcoholic Children Are Practicing Moral Relativism and Turning Against God's Specific Instructions in Deuteronomy

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  • garyneal

    We have some sharp Bible scholars here because they were once Jehovah's Witnesses.

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    Now that I have been fully awakened by that I have to say that perhaps the reason why those Bible scholars became such was because they realized that the Society kept lying to them and they did not want to be had again.

    Most Christians as well as most active Jehovah's Witnesses are nothing of what I would call scholars.

    Thanks for the laugh, I'm going back to sleep now.


  • Scully

    According to the bible, it's not strictly considered "murder", now is it? It's an execution - therefore, the individual has been tried and judged already.

    Not that I agree with anything in the bible. After all the bible also says that a guy who rapes an unengaged virgin has to pay her father the bride price and he gets to be married to her for as long as she lives. Nothing says "love" like having to spend the rest of your life with your rapist.

    That's why I wouldn't dream of using the bible as a standard for anything, except as a comparison to barbarians, for example.

  • Cagefighter


    It's an interesting subject. Ofcourse most Christians don't believe we are meant to follow the old testament as law any more but we are to practice compassion and forgiveness. However I was watching Bill Maher's Religulous the other day and he kind of went point after point all of the orthodox laws that resulted in death if broken.

    I don't know the answer AIW. Thats one of the great things about not being a JW. I don't have to have all the answers. Maybe those people needed that kind of discipline and people are more sophisticated now. Maybe God changed his mind. Maybe it's all made up?

    All I know is there was a guy named Jesus and he told us to take care of eachother and walk away from a fight when we could. I really liked that guy so that's what I take from the Bible. The rest is honestly kind of up in the air for me. Maybe that makes me a bad believer but there is the truth.

    Think about Paul, the only apostle to write about homosexuality. Yet he never met Jesus... Why him?

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    Laws for Morons..

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  • Scully


    Are you implying that Paul was gay and a homophobe?

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