Bible-Believing Christians Who Don't Murder Disobedient or Alcoholic Children Are Practicing Moral Relativism and Turning Against God's Specific Instructions in Deuteronomy

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    Thanks Yknot.

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    Yknot and sooner...

    Could you two please keep it down, I'm trying to sleep over here...


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    Yes there is a point.....

    (as for the Duet. thing.... I answered it already..... law died with Christ...... )

    So now we can all discuss the most important aspect of the thread Nilla Wafers!-----------

    How do you like your Nilla Wafers, with pudding, with milk?

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    I like playing spider solitaire.

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    I'd rather have villa Oreos

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    Boy that God of yours does have a temper! Gees weez!


    Just stepping outside the boundaries of this forum for a sec. We have some sharp Bible scholars here because they were once Jehovah's Witnesses. The things people things think about who haven't been exposed to Jehovah's Organization is much different. That's what I have observed.

  • mrsjones5

    Intervention not necessary for the apparent addiction to alcohol, just stone him.

  • yknot


    Which is why if you let your guard down (even a little) on this forum.....

    You will find you have a great deal in common with everybody here.....

    I think these people you have been chatting with on that other forum are just 'pot stirrers'....

    There really seems to be little value in the argument or presentation.

    Besides it is fun to talk about Nilla Wafers and Oreos instead of uber-worthless questions like those posters whom you have copy/paste.


    So Alice do you too like Nilla Wafers or are you leaning more toward Oreos?

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